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Canadian CAD Standards

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02-03-2011 06:31 AM

I am working for a Canadian Company and have been asked to find the following standards,








I was just wondering if anyone could help me with the above standards. I have been asked to

compare what we have . What makes it even harder is im from Australia and I am still trying to

adjust to the CAD standard symbols that North America uses.




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Re: Canadian CAD Standards

02-03-2011 07:29 AM in reply to: Banderson86

Where in Canada do you need standards for?

Each city or township has their own standards that are used with the provincial standards.

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Re: Canadian CAD Standards

02-03-2011 07:32 AM in reply to: Banderson86

im in New Brunswick, but the tough thing is we work for a company that has offices nationwide.


Its wierd that there isnt just one standard that all provinces work off.

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Re: Canadian CAD Standards

02-03-2011 08:03 AM in reply to: Banderson86

Not really that wierd.  Here in the US, there is the NCS, but it's more a guideline than a requiement.  For the most part, each municipality has their own "standards", usually cribed from some larder agency.  Here (Oregon), in Civil, the APWA is about the most "universal", but it combined with ODOT a few years back.  Some places have higher standards, some less.


About the only hard "national" standard is MIL Spec if you're dealing with the military.  It seeems like each industry has a "standard" that is more or less followed depending on client wishes.




PS - Civil 3D now comes with templates that layout preliminary NCS layering structures.

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Re: Canadian CAD Standards

02-03-2011 08:27 AM in reply to: OMCUSNR

Thanks for clearing that up mate, I understand it a bit more now :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Canadian CAD Standards

02-15-2011 10:28 AM in reply to: Banderson86

One possible starting point for a "Canadian" standard may be that of Public Works and Government Services Canada.

See PWGSC National CADD Standard


If you explore enough here you will find even a download menu add-in for AutoCAD that supports their standard .



Again, only a start point


Jim L

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Re: Canadian CAD Standards

03-22-2013 08:33 AM in reply to: longleyje

Another very well put together AutoCAD and Civil 3D Standard would be the one issued by the MMCD of BC. It's actually based on the NCS. There are provincial standards where ever you look. The real challenge is to get the MoT, consultant, County, RM, provincial, and national all on the same page.


Personally, all the government body's out there need to appreciate the NCS and build their standards from that. It's not just standards that are important. The entire industry would benefit from 1 standard. Why create multiple standards when you don't "NEED" to? Then, you will not only spend time getting this up to speed each year for the version change, but then you have to deal with the definition and re-definition of your own standards vs. adopting the NCS (National CAD Standards - US).


MMCD Link -

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Re: Canadian CAD Standards

03-22-2013 10:08 AM in reply to: LeafRiders

LeafRiders wrote:


> Personally, all the government body's out there need to appreciate the NCS and build their standards from that. <> Why create multiple standards when you don't "NEED" to? <


Not that I don't agree with you. But who decides what IS Needed? Im my case it's our Engineers. What they have decided they need is:

1. Which of 16+ possible sheet sets the layer may need to appear on.

2. The source of the data on the layer; Drafting, Existing, Proposed, Theoretical, V [Survey points]. After each of these comes the source date (03222012).

4. What's on the layer; Pipes, Structures, EP, HCL, etc.

5. Additional info on contends; Pipes RCP, Pipes HDPP, Stuct MH, Stuct CB. You might have more than one additional descriptor.

6. Separate layers based on the above for Text and Dims. Not together on ANNO. Previously the scale that the text would be plotted at.


The whole thing boils down to this formula:


C S{I}) Fj {Fn …} {T (Scale)}  {} indicates Optional field.

(sheet Control) (Source[Iteration]) (Feature, Major) (Feature, Minor …) (Text [Scale])



G E CURB CONC LT - Existing Concrete Curb Left side on the General Plans

H P 04282001 ROAD STA OFST - Roadways:  station offset labels (Horizontal Alignment)


This did not evolve out of any true logic. No one (or at least the ones who could exercise control) wanted to learn to use Layer Filters. They wanted to be able to sort the layers and tell immediately what was on them without a lot of work on their part. I can't tell you how many times they flip-flopped on whether Sheet Control or Major Feature would be the first item!


I can't hold to an industry standard if my bosses don't want to. You know that government decisions are made by committees headed by people who don't do the day to day work. So none of the decisions come from their personal expertise.


Sorry this is a bit of a rant. But trying to get governments to do something logical is not a sport to be taken on lightly.


Allen Jessup

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