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Autodesk Products slow since installation of new server

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09-17-2013 07:01 PM

Hey guys,


We recently installed a new physical server in the office and since then all our Autodesk products have been going really slow, particularly when first opening the program and also when click the letter drop down in the top left corner.  I think it's something to do with recent files, it's trying to lookup files on the old server which doesn't exist anymore.


Is there like a recent files folder to delete or something?  How can we fix this?  It's getting a bit annoying.  Thanks!

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Re: Autodesk Products slow since installation of new server

09-18-2013 05:43 AM in reply to: rod

They are all likely looking for the old drive before opening the drawing.


OPTIONS, Files tab, Support File Search Path(especially) and several others below.

Printer paths, Temp paths, etc...

Everything up to date? Simply having the same network drive letter may not work.

Regards, Charles Shade            Win8 FAQ

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Re: Autodesk Products slow since installation of new server

09-18-2013 08:42 AM in reply to: rod

Charles nailed it.  It doesn't just plague Autodesk programs.  A lot of applications are set to resolve previous links, which can cause problems if the server location doesn't exist anymore.  Essentially, you are waiting for network timeouts.


Definitely check the application settings per Charles.  He knows his poop. <-- Look Charles, it wasn't censored!


From an IT perspective, here is what I recommend:


1.  If the old server no longer exists, you can fake its existence with a hosts file entry, so long as you kept the file structure identical on the new server.  How?  Easy. 

     A) On the Clients, Open C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts in Notepad

     B) Put the IP address of the new server on a line then put the hostname of the old server behind it.  Now \\Oldserver\Shared_Folders will resolve to the same as \\Newserver\Shared_Folders


2.  Turn off Digital Signatures in AutoCAD.  Right-click the launch icon and choose Enable/Disable Digital Signature Icons.  Uncheck the box.  Requires a re-login to put into effect.


3.  Unzip and run the attached .reg registry file.  I created this file to be designed to make Windows ignore broken links and other issues associated with this issue.  I run this on all of the machines in my enterprise. 


4.  Clear the contents of the %TEMP% folder on each machine to ensure that there aren't additional references.  Start > Run > %TEMP% 


These few steps should help your run a lot faster than you are now. 


Good Luck!



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Re: Autodesk Products slow since installation of new server

09-18-2013 11:19 PM in reply to: TravisNave

Awesome thanks guys

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