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AutoCAD and Windchill PDM link...any thoughts?

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05-06-2009 01:19 PM
I'm working at a company that just upgraded the change management software to Windchill. I'm wondering if any CAD managers out there who currently work with Windchill have any advice about what to watch for, or any tips about ways to make the software work for a drafting department? I'm already aware that Windchill can find and read certain attributes (either block attributes or drawing properties attributes) from inside a CAD file...has anyone used that ability to their advantage? And has anyone had problems with the workgroup manager, or perhaps having Windchill move blocks around inside a drawing when it's checked in and out? We had that occur once here, and I hope it's not a sign of things to come...
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Re: AutoCAD and Windchill PDM link...any thoughts?

07-10-2013 04:39 PM in reply to: steveyahn

I am using Windchill PDMLink 9.1.  I have already created some AutoCAD formats that use Parameters from Windchill, such as the Revision and Iteration information.  I have also used it to share title block information (three line titles) with Windchill that can be changed either in AutoCAD or Windchill.


One thing I would suggest, take advantage of paperspace when using multisheet drawings.  Associating multiple sheets to keep them related for revision and promotion processes is a headache.


If you have issues with Autocad locking up when using the linked Workgroup Manager, you are not alone.  I use the linked WGM only to log in.  I don't use the any of the file menu options (Autocad) that include Windchill, but stick to the basic file menus for open and save.  If I have to do any Windchill work I either use a standalone WGM (which means I have to exit the linked WGM AND Autocad) or I open up a browswer and login to Windchill for the server Workspace.


I favorite the Windchill workspace top level folder in the places list in case I chase down a Windows path, that way I can get back to the correct location without having to memorize the path.

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Re: AutoCAD and Windchill PDM link...any thoughts?

08-19-2013 10:49 AM in reply to: street.preachero

Hello Street.preachero,

I´m on the same situation like you, but I have no idea how to implement revision and status(released or create), could you explain deeply how did you do that, I have been seeking information in forums without success, afer viewing your message.

At this time I have generated a vlisp routine with sheet counter  and a titleblock with a lot of fields, but I don´t know how to proceed with this issue

I really appreciate your help


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Re: AutoCAD and Windchill PDM link...any thoughts?

08-21-2013 07:53 AM in reply to: steveyahn

The post above was specifically for an AutoCAD and Windchill interface.  Are you using Windchill as a PDM or PLM application?

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Re: AutoCAD and Windchill PDM link...any thoughts?

08-21-2013 08:23 AM in reply to: street.preachero

Yes I do windchill as PDM, I have found which was my mistake, as I was working offline I  Didn´t see fields for document - PMC..., but now I guess which is the better way to standarize the new format, I mean new drawings have to rename new fromat direct on windchill PDM? or it is possible that each computer have this .dwg on hard disk?


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