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New User Autosketch 10 Question: How to get back on the grid

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12-08-2012 10:09 AM

Hi there,


I made a test drawing which is a floorplan of our house. So far so good.

Then i started to rotate and move it around...

Messed up the origin point and wondered what the green and red arrows meant.


After some googling i restored the origin of my drawing. But now i found that the drawing i made isn't snapped to grid on the corners of the drawn lines itself. I hope this makes sense.


By moving them i get really close to the grid but it not exactly on the grid.


Because you get the crossed arrows for moving i cant select an endpoint for instance (dont know how) to begin with and then snap to grid.


My question is: "How do i allign my drawing again 100% on the grid on which i have drown it in the beginning?


Thank you for your help,



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Re: New User Autosketch 10 Question: How to get back on the grid

12-08-2012 11:54 PM in reply to: gubyan

Found it in an other post, my post was to hasty i guess :smileyhappy:





*Nolte, John

10-04-2002 09:25 AM in reply to: fgruber 
Place the cursor over the about point, right click on it, and choose "Move
About Point." Locate the about point on your entity that you want on the
grid, and use grid snap to place it there.




Seems to work fine, no near misses on the grid as far as i can see.

Case closed.


Edit: however, ... , it's not what new users (since 2001 approx) expect on an intuitive level. Maybe a little rethink needed?


Re: Grid snap and object moving query


06-20-2001 08:34 PM in reply to: *info
Seems to be a constant issue with new users.

It's because the AboutPoint is being moved to a new position, not what
the user expects.

If the object is Selected, rightclick and then the AboutPoint is moved,
things will behave properly as you would expect. Just make sure to move
the AboutPoint to a grid intersection.

Tell the user to get used to the Translate tool. It's much neater and
more generally useful. wrote:
> I have the following query on one of my customers machines running AS
> 6.01 under NT 4.0 Wks SP6.0a:
> If an object, say a rectangle, is drawn with grid snap on the corners
> fall correctly on the grid points. However, if the object is
> subsequently moved it will not align to the grid in it's new rest
> position.
> Has anyone come across this problem?
> Many thanks.
> Mark

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