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Re: Help shape the future of AutoSketch!

11-11-2009 12:27 AM in reply to: Lisa Crounse
If a macro facility ever gets into Autosketch 10, then I'll consider upgrading from 2.1.
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Re: Help shape the future of AutoSketch!

12-25-2010 01:09 PM in reply to: Lisa Crounse

I'm sure it's been posted somewhere in the thread but I would ask that Autodesk develop/release a native Mac OS X version of Autosketch.   


I've used Autosketch for years and It's functionality fits my needs, but I hate having to run it through a Windows virtual machine on my Mac. (It's the only remaining program that requires me to use the virtual machine).


I have compared Autosketch to Freestyle and I actually like Autosketch better than the newer product.  It seems to be more technical / precision oriented whereas Freestyle seems much more a consumer drag-and-drop product.

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoSketch!

03-30-2011 03:46 AM in reply to: sbw102

This thread has understandably attracted a lot of interest. I tried unsuccessfully to do the survey so emailed Lisa instead as follows:


"I stumbled on the Forum but was unable to access the (admittedly old) survey or to register to post a comment - hence this email.

I have been an intermittent AS user from the days of DOS and have owned numerous versions - currently running rel 9 on XP. There was apparently a major hiccup when the program underwent an about turn on the interface some releases ago - something to do with substituting a new software base. Please don't do that again !

I expect to upgrade to Windows 7 before long and would like to feel that my existing software will run;  £200 plus for a new version of AS just to achieve compatibility with 7 would probably drive me very reluctantly into the arms of the competition.

I am glad to see that AS can export to SketchUp and would like to see more Wacom friendliness.

AS has always seemed stable and relatively easy to get back into after a break, features that I value.

I am instinctively more at home with small organizations and wonder whether Autodesk would not do better to spin the product off. I was dismayed by the numerous negative references on the forum to customer support."


This was early this year and I have had no reply. Is there still an AS Product Manager? Participation by Autodesk in the forum seems very sparse. 

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoSketch!

04-22-2011 02:47 PM in reply to: Lisa Crounse

I am a longtime user of Autosketch (since Drafix days, about 25 years or so). I'd love to be involved in keeping this product going. I am currently not able to use AutoSketch 9 anymore on my Windows 7 machine, though I had no trouble for the first 5 months. I'm very unhappy that I can't even get help if I am willing to pay for it, so I think that needs to get rectified.


I teach this program at the college level as part of a Stage Lighting curriculum. It's the perfect entry level CAD program and I think Autodesk should keep it working and up to date, and certainly look for a way to make it compatable with Microsoft Operating Systems as they change.


Please put me onthe list as a consultant to any further developement attempts. Thanks.


Greg MacPherson

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoSketch!

08-02-2013 07:37 AM in reply to: Lisa Crounse

I wonder if this thread is still active.  It's so old.  I got autodesk Express with my BAMBOO device.  I do have some features that I would like added and I also wonder if these are available thru sketchbook pro.


The first is the tools available.  I use the tablet/stylus device for caligraphy.  I note that there is an italic nib, which is very nice, but there is not a crow quill nib.  A crow quill nib is necessary for full calligraphy options.


The second is colors/fill options.  It would be nice to use a greater variety of colors.  For instance, today I was looking for metallic, but I could imagine fill options like textures or two color gradients.  Some of these types of options are available in the draw features of MicroSoft Word.


I shoud note that I am using this on a mac mini.  I had originally purchased the BAMBOO device for my son, as a gift, but he was not able to use it, because his operating system is UBUNTU and it could not recognize the device.  You should work with the hardware people to add UBUNTU compatibility.


Also, while the software frequently reminds me that Autodesk Pro has improved layer editing options as compared iwth the free version, it does not mention any other features, which would be helpful.

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoSketch!

11-23-2013 12:45 PM in reply to: compega

I agree entirely with those AutoSketch users who wish to see a version for Mac.


I am still using AS v2.1, but in my Mac's VMWare Fusion virtual computer. I bought v2.1 for Windows 3.1 in 1993 and have used it all over the world in later Windows versions as a quick´n easy adjunct to my technical consulting work. I am also familiar with v 7 (which was a bit too complicated for a simple soul like me) but never got as far as v 10.


My v 2.1 works just fine on the Mac as noted above but I do have some printing difficulties. I would gladly buy a Mac-compatible version.


Robin Oram




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Re: Help shape the future of AutoSketch!

12-01-2013 02:06 PM in reply to: RobinOram
Friend, you are replying to a 5-year old post of a now dead product. Total waste of time.
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Re: Help shape the future of AutoSketch!

04-25-2014 07:29 AM in reply to: Lisa Crounse

In 1991 I was involved with capacitor design using AutoSketch ver2.  I had that program down to a tee.  After leaving that position and company, I wasn't using 2-D programs for a couple of years so when I downloaded the upgrade version of the program, so much was changed that I had a hard time using it.  It was harder to use and I couldn't accomplish the drawings that I was trying to copy.  I would love to get a version of AutoSketch 2.0 or anything close to that version!  This was the program that really accomplished what draftsmen who did 2-D drawings set out to do quickly! 

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoSketch!

04-25-2014 07:45 AM in reply to: markeporter

Hi i have ued Autosketch and other CAD programs for many yrs 

currently  use version 10h and it runs fine 

would like  some add on tools  though 



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Re: Help shape the future of AutoSketch!

04-25-2014 07:50 AM in reply to: pendean
not dead for some people
Personally i think the program [ Autosketch 10 ] is better than AutoCAD and a dam site easier to use and prints a superior dwg. No one yet has been able to do a better print direct from AutoCAD easier and as good a quality as from AutoSketch .
used CAD programes for over 20 yrs now
and Sketchup pro is a better 3D program too

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