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The PMP folder was not found ...

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08-30-2011 04:31 AM

Just installed the 2012 trial and cannot get it to export a PDF to the desktop. 


The error in the log is:


ERROR: Unable to create the requested media size as a custom size.


Sheet: test-A2 - Error(s) Did Not Plot


File: /Users/Mark/Desktop/test.dwg

Category name: 

Page setup: 

Device name: 

Plot file path: 

Paper size: 


ERROR: The PMP folder was not found and is required for custom paper size creation. 


ERROR: Internal error attempting to create custom paper size. 



Has anyone else had this issue?


Looks like it cannot write to the file/access the folder...


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Re: The PMP folder was not found ...

11-13-2011 07:31 AM in reply to: mawelby



I have the same problem.

Try with these settings:


File Format : pdf

What to Export : Display

Page Setup : Override




File Format : pdf

What to Export : Extents

Page Setup : Override (A4)


They should work


Good Luck

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Re: The PMP folder was not found ...

04-21-2012 06:58 AM in reply to: mawelby

Hi there,

I'm having the same problem when trying to plot some 11X17 sheets.

Where do I change these setting?

Thanks a lot!


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Re: The PMP folder was not found ...

07-10-2012 10:14 AM in reply to: mawelby

I have had the same trouble.  I can plot single sheet PDFs but not multiple sheets.


I got around this by Exporting to PDF.  Pick the File pulldown, pick export.  In the dialogue box give It a name, (at the top), Below choose PDF Files under File format, under what to export choose All Layouts and under Page setup choose Current.


This should create a multiple sheet PDF file that uses the proper sheet settings.


Make sure you specifiy the right folder so you can find the PDF you just made when you want to email it or save it to a disk.


Good luck

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Re: The PMP folder was not found ...

12-03-2012 10:32 AM in reply to: mawelby

I had this issue after installing AUTOCAD on my MAC.


After many hours of frustration, I figured out the issue. Paper Size in relation to printer. (even though I want printing from this machine)


I am plotting 24" x 72" -- All you have to do is create a papers size that is the EXACT size you are loking ot plot.


After creating the paper size for the PLOT SIZE, the errors went away. I am now able to plot with ZERO errors.


Hope this helps.

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Re: The PMP folder was not found ...

01-03-2013 11:31 AM in reply to: Jake333



Thank you, I've been looking for an answer for this too long. Thanks for your post!

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Re: The PMP folder was not found ...

05-07-2014 08:04 PM in reply to: Jake333

I know this is an old thread, but where do you have to change the paper size? I have a paper size assigned through pagesetup, and when I go to publish there isn't another place to change it. I assumed it would just use the paper size from pagesetup.

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