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Re: Lion is out, but read this first

07-25-2011 03:45 PM in reply to: TomWhite53

I have to downgrade back to Snow Leopard till this is fixed.

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Re: Lion is out, but read this first

07-25-2011 11:07 PM in reply to: fmsimmons

how do you downgrade?


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Re: Lion is out, but read this first

07-26-2011 12:15 AM in reply to: jtubb

Time Machine.  You'd lose all your data since you upgraded.

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Re: Lion is out, but read this first

07-26-2011 02:01 AM in reply to: jtubb

jtubb wrote:

how do you downgrade?


Maybe these instructions will be helpful:


Downgrading to Snow Leopard from Lion is easy.

If you are like me, you were eager to try Lion and installed it over Snow Leopard, and didn't clone your SL install before installing Lion. And if you are like me, you hated Lion. Hopefully like me, you had Time Machine backing up your SL install all along.

After a bunch of research, I found very little concrete accurate advice as to how to revert to SL. But buried on a random web page somewhere was the exact info I needed. So here it is...

Remember to back up any files or folders you created after installing Lion, as these will be gone when you restore. Also remember that this will only work if you included system files in your Time Machine backups.

It's quite simple really. You boot into the Lion Restore partition (restart, hold Option, choose the Lion Restore partition to boot into). Choose restore. Scroll to the latest Snow Leopard date and select it. Hit next. Be prepared to wait several hours (I did it overnight). When you're done, you will be back where you started before installing Lyin.

A little side effect from Lion remains...the restore partition. Again, a bunch of research on how to get rid of it proved inaccurate. You may be able to boot into it for Time Machine maintenance...I don't know, I didn't try. I just wanted the 650Mb back.

After restoring, I rebooted and the Lion Restore partition was no longer hidden. It appeared on my desktop. It was then a simple matter of using disk utility to delete the partition, automatically merging the free space back to my SL install.

The only glitch I've encountered so far was that moving files to the trash resulted in a warning that they would be removed immediately. This was fixed with a terminal command which deletes the trash folder and rebuilds it. A restart and I was back in business. Sorry, I don't have the code handy.

I hate not having the latest and greatest offering from Apple, but in the case of Lyin, it may be the latest but... I don't see reverting to SL as a downgrade at all. "







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Re: Lion is out, but read this first

07-26-2011 02:40 PM in reply to: Kate_LT

Can You please give information when update will be available. blog post is 20 days old. thank you.

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Re: Lion is out, but read this first

07-27-2011 09:36 AM in reply to: raumpunkt

Hi, Is there any news about this??

I would like to know if this problem results only with autocad 2011 and Lion or if is it with autocad 2010 an Lion too?

I have autocad 2010 on my mac, and I'm thinking to switch leopard to lion... would it work? or i should wait?


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Re: Lion is out, but read this first

07-27-2011 09:51 AM in reply to: arq_uriegas

autocad 2011 for Mac is not working on Lion.
there is no such a thing as autocad 2010 for mac. i suppose you have autocad 2010 for windows installed on a windows partition on your mac. so yes, you can install lion because it won't interfere with your bootcamp/windows partition

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Re: Lion is out, but read this first

07-27-2011 01:20 PM in reply to: fmsimmons

As noted by others, we would like an update from Autodesk regarding Lion.  I did check my subscription site prior to upgrading and found no warning, so upgrades as soon as Lion was available. 


All of my other programs are funtioning well and I love the improvements Lion provides (Mail etc).  So I really do not want to revert back to SL.  Unfortunately, waiting for an update is no longer an option, need to know if I should load a windows version autocad on my VM....again. 

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Re: Lion is out, but read this first

07-28-2011 12:48 PM in reply to: mwhitticar

autodesk just released this blog entry about lion and autocad for mac:

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Re: Lion is out, but read this first

07-28-2011 02:35 PM in reply to: Kate_LT

I have an update for everyone interested in Lion support for AutoCAD for Mac 2011.  We have updated the Product Support Tech solution with self-registration access to a beta of the patch that will support Lion


There are still known issues with this beta, including issues with the NVidia GeForce 9400M and 320M video cards so please read the details of the patch and check your system compatability.  However, we wanted to get this patch out there as quickly as possible for those without these video cards.  We welcome your feedback in our beta forum as to the viability of this patch.


Thanks for your help in delievering a solution as quckly as possible.


Rob Maguire

Product Manager, AutoCAD for Mac

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