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Re: AutoCAD 2011 for Mac system requirements

02-12-2011 08:08 AM in reply to: d-web

D-Web asked:  "What version are you are running on your Macbook Pro?"


Product Version  E.49.H.62 

(This was the version I originally downloaded in Nov 2010. I keep getting a notice of an available update but I do not accept.)


My apologies for being so abrupt in my last email, its just with no reference to the earlier  poster, it appeared that you were speaking in a general sense.  I regret that so many of the messages on here have had problems. I really cannot answer why it worked for me except that I followed every detail of the download instructions to the letter. 


Unfortunately, my knowledge of this software is too limited to offer troubleshooting assistance to others.

Best of Luck to All.

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Re: AutoCAD 2011 for Mac system requirements

02-24-2011 09:33 AM in reply to: tom.stoeckel

i have a mac osx 10.5.8. when i tried downloading it, it seems to be downloading okay, but then i got a message saying my graphics card is not big enough. i am not a computer genius, i just want autocad on my computer so i can use it for my school projects. can someone help me out? 

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AutoCAD 2011 for Mac disappointing

03-17-2011 08:02 PM in reply to: tom.stoeckel

Hello, I have been a Mac user for the last four years and AutoCad 2011 for Mac is most certainly one of the most disappointing professional programs ever released for Apple computers. I can surely understand that since it is the first version of the product it would be problematic but honestly nobody excepted such a failure; figures speak for them selves, I do not have to get into details. The reason I am writing is not to manipulate the company but I would  rather call for a better version of the software. Like many others said: "Design programs were the only reasons I was tied to a Windows Operative System, don't force me back to it"

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Re: AutoCAD 2011 for Mac system requirements

05-10-2011 12:50 PM in reply to: tom.stoeckel

Well I have a double problem. My mac is Imac8.1. 4GB. Good for any Adobe app, but Autodesk is getting me very annoyed. Today I lost a whole day crashing, updating and especially wating for ANY version of 2011 to move.

In bootcamp and XP is is NOT workable.

In OSX (latest) it is NOT workable.

I switched back to 2010 illegally for a try and something moved allright. De-installed it again, but the point has been proven. But as a student I HAVE to use 2011 and in both OS it is even heavier than Windows 7. For the record: I wil not buy new hardware, I can't afford it and specifically don't need it for anything else. Potential client lost I would say.
Autodesk should be able to sell stuff that works without a splash of new computer. I presume Autodesk outsourced 2011 development to some pakistani university for the freshmanyear? Could these guys cut the crap which makes this code so superheavy like Apple did with snowleopard? The program is absolutely not ready for sale. And I dare not try 2012. On to Vectorworks and Sketchup I think, this is as bad as it gets.

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Re: AutoCAD 2011 for Mac system requirements

06-08-2011 04:51 PM in reply to: tom.stoeckel

hey guys im undertand all of that I have an iMac 11.1 whit core i7 , ati radeon 1gb and autocad just not run since a week ago and I cant have support anywhere sombody kows that problem ? in the facks page only says my computer is not supported 


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Re: AutoCAD 2011 for Mac system requirements

06-08-2011 04:52 PM in reply to: tom.stoeckel

is not a solution is a joke 

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Re: AutoCAD 2011 for Mac system requirements

09-20-2011 11:55 AM in reply to: tom.stoeckel


I sak you some questions because my program doesn't work. I have an Macbook pro 5.5 ans i have os x lion (10.7.1) but my autoCAD 2011 for mac (and the 3 updates) doesnt'work...


What i have to do ? Chage to os x leopard or ...?


So, i hope i will have an solution... any one else.  (sorry for my bad english).


ps : i have memory : 2 Go 1067 MHz DDR3 and processor : 2,26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 

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Re: AutoCAD 2011 for Mac system requirements

10-23-2011 04:11 PM in reply to: tom.stoeckel

I am a potential new user of Autocad, and had hoped to do my class homework AT HOME on my macbook 1.1..... But now I have to get a newer Mac? I really would prefer and OLDER version of Autocad that works with this hardware.

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Re: AutoCAD 2011 for Mac system requirements

10-23-2011 04:37 PM in reply to: sean

There is not an older version for the Mac. I have one Mac that is listed as not supported and the program runs OK. It can be frustratingly slow at times and there still seems to be some sort of memeory leak.


Download the trial and see if will install and run.


If your class is based on a windows version, I would try and stay in a windows version when you work at home. There are alot of commands missing in the Mac version that are avaiable in the Windows version. Even the 2012 version has a long way to go to be as complete as the Windows version of 2012.


Good Luck


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Re: AutoCAD 2011 for Mac system requirements

10-27-2011 12:25 PM in reply to: tom.stoeckel

Hi, why AutoCAD (2011 and 2012) don't run on my Mac OSx 10.7.2 Lion? It start but immediately crash...can someone helps me please?

About the 2011 i've even installed the 3 updates...

I have a MacBook Pro 2,2 and since i've installed Lion i can't work with my AutoCAD (Education version)


thank you


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