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3d orbit crashing AutoCAD

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04-21-2011 12:37 PM

I keep trying to change the view and it seem to crash my program. It does not affect new drawings but I do not want to restart my drawing. The first time it happen I manage to insert my old drawing into a new drawing and it worked for a while and then it crashed. The only major changes I have done to the program was to install the fixing update that recently released and I had just created an Iso.

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Re: 3d orbit crashing AutoCAD

04-21-2011 02:47 PM in reply to: JRPalmer

Also is it possible to save multiple files of the same drawing and without having to start mulitple projects. This would be useful so I would not need to restart completely after autoCad crashes.

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Re: 3d orbit crashing AutoCAD

04-26-2011 07:11 AM in reply to: JRPalmer

Sounds like a hardware issue to me.  What video card are you using and how much RAM does your computer have?  Is the video card driver a "certified" driver?

Opening multiple instances of the same drawing will not work.  Only the first instance of the drawing will be able to be edited.  The others will be opened as read only and the changes you make in the first window will not push into the other open copies.  Your best bet is to figure out why your crashing and fix that instead of acccepting that the system crashes.

Also while using 3D orbit, try viewing the model in 2D wireframe.  Once the object is positioned then go to realistic or some other prefered shading.  The 2D wireframe is just easier for the computer to deal with when orbiting.

Oh, and save early and often......

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Re: 3d orbit crashing AutoCAD

04-27-2011 06:08 AM in reply to: dsmeisle

It has not reoccurred on the drawing I restarted. It is most definetly not a hardware issue since I remade the drawing and made it more complicated.


As far as hardware goes all I know is I have an i7 cpu with 8 GB of ram.

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Re: 3d orbit crashing AutoCAD

04-29-2011 05:34 AM in reply to: JRPalmer

The same here, are you also running AutoCAD 2012? I think it has something to do with Dynamic Input, sometimes it switches off and on

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Re: 3d orbit crashing AutoCAD

06-18-2011 02:35 PM in reply to: OpdamR

I'm running into this as well. I'm using AC Map 3d 2012. In my case somethimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. 

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Re: 3d orbit crashing AutoCAD

07-25-2011 03:01 AM in reply to: nhsprings

This issue happens often using orbit command and have been reported from previous versions. I hope it can be finally fixed in AP3D 2012.

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Re: 3d orbit crashing AutoCAD

12-24-2012 11:04 AM in reply to: JRPalmer

I have found this exact same problem with every machine I run C3D on. My Dell Precision 390 with envidia card, (3 yr old Cadd system) and at work with newer Dell Precision T5500 workstation desktops with a fairly current nvidia card and all drivers are up to date in both machines. The problem for us is aggravated the more complex the file is (ie: reference display on any piping dept. 2D file). It's a problem that has persisted since I started using C3D 2008 4 years ago,  and while its tolerable when keying in the command or selecting on a custom pallets, it is generally a sure thing  to crash when selecting it by cursor menu (default installation). 


I do not believe that this is a hardware issue, any more than when I did when C3d 2010 and older used to crash 100% of the time when creating a grading feature that went off the edge of the destination surface. Our Bentley Microstation and inroads V8i platforms run faultlessly on any machine, regardless of what format (dwg, etc.) we select for project standards and has for some time time now.


If anybody is still wondering why after years of waiting these problems still persist, you need only look at the sales charts from the past 4 years vs. inroads, which has been loosing ground to C3D since its first release, as the students at the schools have almost free access to it. When platform issues are discussed by management, they key factor is that number of skilled applicants that know C3D vs inroads, which in spite of its advantages has been so poorly marketed that if I had stock in Bentley I'd have sold it years ago. 


I crash an average of 5-10 times a day, the worst is when I am using the grading features. We had the same problem when Bentley went into the DWG format 12 years ago with its SELECTCAD format, which was so bad I wouldn't have called it a good BETA. Experience tells me that we still have a couple more releases to go before these kinds of problems are finally fixed, as I have not seen enou angry complaints about. Probably because most of the users are too  unaware the command even existing. Oh, we'll.. Still a knot better then older versions.

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