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AutoCAD P&ID General Discussion

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Re: Question for SQL Server Users

11-23-2010 09:39 AM in reply to: BrianLund

To follow up on Jason's scenario.

The Datamanager may not open all the drawings you are trying to update.

Only saved drawings are updated when you close the project.

Proposed changes to unsaved drawings will be lost.


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Re: Question for SQL Server Users

12-07-2010 02:14 PM in reply to: BrianLund

Hi Brian,

I am trying to use the PLANTXDBMANAGER and cannot figure out how to connect to the datasource ProcessPower.dcf.

 I tried the Provider:
“Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers” with a connection string (“Text Connection” was successful)
When I select OK it comes up with:

"The .Net Framework Data Provider for OLEDB (System.Data.OleDb) does not support the microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (MSDASQL). Use the .Net Framework Data Provider for ODBC (System.Data.Oddc).

I would appreciate it if you could show me how you connected to the database.

Not having the 2 way talking (as was the case in 2010 version) is a real pain as we have a program that downloads information into custom fields in P&ID, and it doesn’t work anymore.

Thanks, Tony

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Re: Question for SQL Server Users

12-08-2010 05:49 AM in reply to: twhitton


Send me an e-mail.



Brian Lund
GEA Process Engineering, Inc.
Columbia, MD
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Re: Question for SQL Server Users

02-16-2011 08:28 AM in reply to: BrianLund

Can anyone point me to a whitepaper or some documentation for setting up a P&ID Project Using SQL Server?


I'm struggling to find any info .... but I've been blind to objects right in front of my face before.


Thanks, in advance.


John Cappiello

Foster Wheeler Biokinetics, Inc.

John Cappiello
Foster Wheeler USA, Inc.
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Re: Question for SQL Server Users

02-17-2011 03:00 PM in reply to: John.Cappiello

right here:

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Re: Question for SQL Server Users

02-08-2013 12:21 PM in reply to: tom_pe

So has anyone successfully been able to write data to the SQL server and have it save to the drawing files without having to open them? We have a project that has 300+ P&IDs and having to manually open each drawing in order to save data changes en masse is very inefficient and problematic most of the time. I've even tried using PlantDataManager to accomplish this, but still run into problems when importing into P&ID, because it wants to open the 70+ drawings affected by the data changes.


If there was a way to write data to several drawings at once without having to open each individual drawing, we could actually house all of our list data in P&ID and generate reports straight out of P&ID.


Autodesk, even if there was a utility/command built into P&ID that allowed this, it would be a huge help...just make it check out a P&ID license when it's used, problem solved.




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Re: Question for SQL Server Users

06-12-2013 09:54 AM in reply to: BrianLund



I realize the post I'm replying to is a few years old at this point, but I thought I'd reply just in case you could provide some further help and guidance.


Please see the question I just posted and let me know if you have any insight.


Thanks in advance and thanks for your original post which helped me get this far.

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Re: Question for SQL Server Users

06-19-2013 07:16 AM in reply to: gSawyer39
I'm not sure I can help much since I have been retired and away from P&ID
for over two years. I don't know the answer to your two specific questions.
I do believe that SQL Server with MS Access as a front end can be very
useful. It could be a lot more useful if Autodesk would publish more
documentation and samples on how to use it effectively.
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Re: Question for SQL Server Users

01-21-2014 06:08 AM in reply to: tom_pe



problem with the 2 way Data is that: if you use SQL Server for you Project it will create a local Temp DB on your computer when you start P&ID. So if you change Data on the SQL server you cant find them in you project, because these changes made in the SQL server and not in your local Temp DB.

You can see the new Values when close the P&ID, delete the local Temp DB file ("\\AppData\\Roaming\\Autodesk\\PnPPersistentCache") and start PnID again. Then your client load a new DB directly from the SQL with the new informations.

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