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01-24-2013 05:44 AM



I have a file that when I try to plot, or create a PDF, an Xref file does not show up. It does show up in the drawing when I have the drawing open. Am I missing a setting? It does not happen all the time just from time to time.


any ideas?

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Re: xref

02-06-2013 08:59 AM in reply to: DavidQ

Probably in layers.  Look in your layer property manager and see if the plot icon is turned off.

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Re : xref

02-14-2013 11:49 PM in reply to: DavidQ



Even if it is difficult to provide an accurate answer without having the drawings with the problem, here are some steps you could try or verify :
1) If the problem appends generally on files with big size, it could be a memory problem. 
2) try to use another plot style e.g. monochrome 

3) is transparency activated ? Try to deactivate it.

4) try to increase values of the system variables RASTERPERCENT and RASTERTHRESHOLD to 80 

5) Visual styles : What are VS used in Model space and for Viewports ?
6) Can you try to purge the xref drawings ? 
7) Can you try to copy the geometry of the problematic Xref in a new drawing and then attached it to the main drawing ?

I hope that will help and if this information answers your question, thank you to click "Accept as Solution" in the discussion group or please let me know if you would need additional information on this subject. 


Many Thanks

Nicolas Bourquin
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Re: xref

02-15-2013 04:33 AM in reply to: DavidQ


I think the Problem is due to file size more than anything. A we had problems with many of the files that we receive from this customer. They are needlessly large. Xref's attached to xrefs attached to xref's.  My computer is a 3.4ghz Dell Precision t1600 with 4 gb of ram. I have had AutoCAD crash one me on other drawings when I was only trying to change a line type. It'll give me a fatal error message and close. That, I think is a different issue.

I have purged and recovered all the xref's. It helped but it did not fix the problems. I have tried to copy the geomerty into a new drawing but it caused AutoCAD to crash almost right away. I have attempted to make a list of all the xref's in the drawing and load them into a new drawing one at a time but it didn't help. I have not checked the transparency and I have never had any reason to touch Visual styles. I wouldn't know how to change it. I have attempted different plot styles without any success.


Thank you

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Re: xref

02-15-2013 08:05 AM in reply to: DavidQ

With any CAD program, AutoCAD not excluded, the computer processor itself isn't necessarily the culprit of lag or fatal errors with large files. Great processors coupled with poor graphic cards may work well with office products but will reek havoc with CAD programs.  Nine out of ten times a poor graphics card or an incompatibility problem with the graphic card will give you multiple fatal errors for seemly no good reason.  i.e. while executing a pan or zoom. 


When dealing with graphic cards, memory is important, but the real heart of the video card is the graphics processing unit or GPU. When you're browsing through video card names, the most important thing to look for is the GPU type, since that little chip is responsible for all of the video card's 3D performance.  Or if working in 2D it is important when dealing with very large files.  Most IT departments won't invest in top end graphic cards since the price grows exponentially from general purpose, bottom performance cards to the top graphics performance cards.  And most people see super numbers for computer Ghz and RAM and think they have a top of the line computer.  It would be like placing cheap, off-brand speakers on a top of the line, home stereo system.  Where is the end-user performance most noticeable?

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Re: xref

02-15-2013 08:50 AM in reply to: DavidQ

I understand that the graphics card plays a large roll in how well AutoCAD and other such program run. I have been told by our IT people that the cards are good (whatever that means). I show my graphics card as a ATI FirePro V4800.



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Re: xref

03-03-2013 04:49 PM in reply to: DavidQ

Hi David


I too have problems with my computer due to IT "knowing best"


On a scale of good  better best   your card is the second choice in the good range for this brand.   It least it is a CAD card and not a gameing card.


I went to Google and did a search.   Very interesting. 


There are some specials on this card as they, to quote some suppliers "we may not restock this card."


Cheers John Quigley









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