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AutoCAD Mechanical 2013 classic view fatal error

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04-25-2012 12:32 PM

hello, I have a customer that as soon as he switches Mechanical 2013 to classic from the drop down at the top of the program and then restarts the program it will crash with a fatal error message.  I have tried this on our training machines as well and have duplicated it.  Has anyone seen this?



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Re: AutoCAD Mechanical 2013 classic view fatal error

04-25-2012 07:49 PM in reply to: tracydavis



Sorry, I cannot reproduce the issue in my machine.


What OS are you using? And what other Autodesk products have you installed in your machine?


BTW, can you please send the report after the issue and fill in your email address and steps to reproduce there?


Let me know your email address so I can help investigate further on it.

Michael Su
SQA Engineer
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Re: AutoCAD Mechanical 2013 classic view fatal error

04-25-2012 11:16 PM in reply to: tracydavis



I also have this issue when Changing workspace to classic.

Installed Factory design suite on HP laptop 8530w with Nvidia FX770m display adapter and Windows 7 32-bit.

All other workspaces do not cause error. Resetting Settings to Default allows you to start Mechanical again, but with no user preferences.


Steps to repeat:

1. Reset Settings to Default (Autocad Mechanical starts)

2. Switch Wokspace to Mechanical Classic

3. Close AutoCAD Mechanical

4. Start Autocad Mechanical

5. Crash


Step 1 is reguired after previous crash.


Also switching workspace to classic and then before shutting down switch back to some other workspace and there will be no crash.


Best regards


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Re: AutoCAD Mechanical 2013 classic view fatal error

04-26-2012 11:04 AM in reply to: michaelsu


Thanks for the reply.  The information yrjo mentioned is exactly the procedures that we took as well and it crashes it.


The machine I used is Windows 7, it's on of our training machines and it has all vertical AutoCAD 2013 programs on it along with all the Revits, and Inventor Professional.  Mechanical was installed straight from Mechanical download off the adn and was not part of any suite.


My customer had installed it off of Factory Design Suite Ultimate and has all the other software packages from that Suite installed and working with no problems, including AutoCAD.



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Re: AutoCAD Mechanical 2013 classic view fatal error

05-12-2012 07:19 AM in reply to: tracydavis

I have been fighting this for a week now and have gone to great extremes to try and resolve the problem, as I really would like to stay with the 'classic' icons. At this point I believe I caused the problem by importing my archieved workspace profile from our local server. Unfortunately, said profile was created and exported (saved) from a previous version of Factory Suite and/or mechanical AC (I am not sure which).


With the steps I have taken, I am (at this time) thinking that cloud 360 (sync) is somehow holding the error and reloading it when I reinstall, but I am obviously not sure.


I have a dual 6-core PC with 2 solid state drives arranged in Raid 0. I have 12 gig of memory running windows 7 OS in 64 bit, Nvidia Quadro 5000 video card.


The following is a list of the steps taken to date: 


1.  Loaded Factory Suite 2013 without installing tools first. Did not check settings on each application. installed all programs displayed on 'install' tab.Left Trend anti-virus (and all standard start-up programs) running.Installation appeared to go well and I 'think' I started a few or the programs a couple times. I engaged mechanical, and started walking through my normal routing of setting preferences in options. Imported previous profiles as mentioned above. Worked on a drawing and eventually closed program.


2. Attempted to reopen mechanical and received fatal error. Reattempted several times and error code seemed to change almost everytime.  


3. Contacted support by phone and waited for call back. Several hours later was told I should not of imported the previous version profiles and told about the reset to original settings icon in mechanical folder. I reset the settings and mechanical reopened properly.


4, Once I was in I immediately deleted the imported profile and created a new classic workspace and saved it as my new profile.


5. I closed and reopened mechanical again and fatal error reappeared. I reset the settings, reopened again, left it in standard mechanical work space, closed and it reopened properly. Opened again, created a new classic work space, saved it, then exported it to our server, replacing my old profile. Closed, Reopened, and fatal error was back.


6. I uninstalled the entire suite (without researching the proper uninstall procedure) and reinstalled the entire suite. Opened Mechanical, set up the new classic workspace, closed, reopened and fatal error reoccured. I reset the settings, opened again, and decided to leave it in standard mechanical workspace, opened a drawing and noticed it took 6 times the normal rate to open and close the drawing, and there was a diffent conflict or problem as AC was not acting  properly.


At this point I started taking drastic actions. I loaded the same 2013 Factory Suite onto one of our laptops and everything worked perfectly. I could open Mechanical, change the work space to Classic, close and reopen without any errors or delays. This convinced me I had caused the problem originally by loading the old version workspace profile.    


7. I researched proper uninstall procedures, followed them step by step, including deletion of Register folders, etc. Reinstalled, reopened, reestablish workspace manually, saved work space, closed, reopened, and fatal error came back. Note that the delay in opening and closing a drawing (conflict) was stll there as well when I reset and reopened using standard mechanical settings.   


8. I uninstalled again (properly) and this time I took one of our 2013 Product Suites and loaded it instead of the Factory Suite. Unbelievably, the problem(s) all came back, with fatal errors after setting to classic, and the delays in opening and closing drawings in standard mechanical workspace.


9. I uninstalled product suite, emptied my recycle bin, cleaned-up my disk using Windows clean-up tool, searched for any folder referencing AutoDesk or AutoCad, reinstalled Factory Suite, and all to no avail.


10. Thursday I ran a complete diagnostics on my machine (several hours) and everything checked out perfectly.


11. Yesterday I called in our IT tech in and we checked everything he could think of, the machine, the settings, etc.and all appeared to be in good condition. During one of the reboots, we signed onto the PC using his sign-on name and password in Windows start-up screen. We checked the Mechanical and the delays in opening and closing drawings (conflict) was gone. We rebooted, signed in under my name, and check Mechanical and the delays were there.


12. We uninstalled factory again, cleaned the machine totally of register folders, Autocad files and folders, etc. (he even used a tool (program) he had to totally remove all wasted register setting. Went way overboard to check everything then we renamed my windows user folder so that when I signed in Windows would create a new folder. We rebooted, reinstalled factory and it worked. I opened Mechanical switched to classic, closed, reopened and it opened. I did it again and the dang fatal error came back. We discussed the next step being to completely format the PC and reload the operating system but I pulled the plug and said this is rediculous and I have had enough.


I am home today (Saturaday) and just thought that we did not go back and sign in as Chris (IT) again to see if the problem is gone under his name and I am going to the office to try that. If the problem is gone under his name, I will be totally convinced that "Sync" is holding the error in my setting profiles for use in cloud and it keeps dumping the error back into my machine.


Does anyone ANYONE have any ideas or help?






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Re: AutoCAD Mechanical 2013 classic view fatal error

05-17-2012 02:20 PM in reply to: dvanhorne

Having the same issue over here.  There is definetly something wrong with the classic workspace.  I do have a work around other than reinstalling the software so that you can work out of ACADM, just won't be able to work out of classic until a fix comes out......Just go to Windows Start-->All Programs-->ACADM 2013-->Reset settings to default.   


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Re: AutoCAD Mechanical 2013 classic view fatal error

05-21-2012 09:02 AM in reply to: tracydavis

This issue only occurs when you have installed Factory design suite.  Here is the temp workaround for the issue.


Go to directory

-C:\Program Files\Autodesk\ApplicationPluggins

-Rename subfolder "FactApplication_R19.0.bundle" to "FactApplication_R19.0.bundlexx".


This will avoid factory tool from being loaded.


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Re: AutoCAD Mechanical 2013 classic view fatal error

05-21-2012 09:05 AM in reply to: tracydavis

No, the issue occurs on standard Mechanical as well.  My customer has Factory Design Suite, but we only have Mechanical installed.

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Re: AutoCAD Mechanical 2013 classic view fatal error

05-22-2012 05:11 AM in reply to: jamesjung

Hi jamesjung,


Renaming subfolder "FactApplication_R19.0.bundle" to "FactApplication_R19.0.bundlexx" fixed the problem for now.


This problem occurs also on plain AutoCAD 2013 (when Factory design suite is installed).



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Re: AutoCAD Mechanical 2013 classic view fatal error

06-03-2012 04:56 PM in reply to: yrjo.pullinen

I too am having this complication, and am awaiting a hotfix.


Thanks in advance!


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