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Where To Start

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09-20-2013 08:00 PM

Ok, so I've been advised by some mentors to learn GIS. I've looked into it, it doesn't seem that hard. Now before going into more detail I have 5 years of experience with Autocad, Inventor, and 3ds Max( I know it doesn't relate as much, but I want to show I'll put tme into it). 


I downloaded the student version, tried to load geo data using the GEOMAP<A> command, but nothing happens. So I'm guessing I'm doing 20 things wrong since this is my first day at attempting to learn Autocad Map 3D. I read several blogs on getting started and I've discovered that there isn't a straight forward help solution for this program.


So where do I start? I know I read where people say I need access to a GPS system and other things (, those aren't a problem, working with layers isn't a problem for me, well the concept isn't.  So what files do I need to "build" or obtain before I can really start using Map 3D?  I know there are options for SDF and SPH files, but all of the tutorials I've seen someone already has them on their computer, and doesn't have to create the files. What is the basic workflow? Would I create say a single district, assign a cordinate system to it, then run the geomap command feature? Would I create a seperate file for the underground piping, electrical lines, ect and save it as a SDF then connect it to the other map(single distric) I create? Where would be a good source to learn this program? I've google/youtube everything I can think of, but everyone always has these files to load from, which I don't.  I've set asside 8-10 hours  a week to learn this program, I know I need more, but I'm currently in college and taking 21 credit hours so my times stretched thin. Thank you for anyone that can point me in some direction.

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Re: Where To Start

09-20-2013 11:38 PM in reply to: youngdemetre

Instead of wasting time by learning all on your own, I'd buy a 3-day course at one of the Autodesk Training Centers, sir.

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Re: Where To Start

09-21-2013 04:49 AM in reply to: youngdemetre

I lot depends on where you are located at and what type of files or projects you want to create. Yes some users have files already created, it's why reinvent the wheel theory. Just refine the wheel and make it run smoother and faster.

 GIS is anything from using your smart phone and GPS to create a map to web based server that tracks people all over the world. I always say if you draw anything you are creating a map, example a floor plan of a bldg shows the location of doors, windows and wall and how they relate to each other. Window A is in wall B, to get to wall B you need to go in door C. Door C maybe a 36x86 size door with a window, wall B is maked up of concrete blocks and bricks, etc. On the mechaincal side the sproket on a shaft is X number of teeth by Y dia. It is driven by chain Z thet travels at D feet per min. The spoket is held on to the shaft by Key W that is part nuber 123.

Now the only different in the GIS world is we do it for real world objects on the planet (and sometimes outerspace) What size is that water line and what is the psi of it, what materical is if made of and when was it installed, or how many volts of electric does the power line carry, what size and materical is made of, how many customers does it feed.

So GIS is anything from a simple flooe plan of your house in one dwg file to database full of info on servers containing many tables full of infromation.

So back to the question "Where to start" start with the tutoruials included with AutoCAD Map3D then come back and ask for more.


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Re: Where To Start

09-21-2013 08:56 PM in reply to: antoniovinci

I have looked into this, but seeing as I'm in college 8:00am-8:00pm everyday and the closest training center is three hours away there's no time for me actually go unfortanately.

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Re: Where To Start

09-24-2013 07:18 AM in reply to: youngdemetre

There are tutorials.  On the Help page, there is a "Learning Resources" quick link.

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