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TIFs in Map 2007...

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06-16-2006 01:19 PM
I am developing a base plan from RTK survey shots as I have done many times in Map 2006. After I've connected the points and drawn my physical features, I insert the underlying TIFs from our statewide orthophoto set as a check. These are tifs along with .trf, .aux, .rrd, *.tif.xml files. This latest drawing was created in Map 2006 with no problems inserting the tifs. In 2007, using the same method, they insert in the wrong place and 12 times larger. I brought the drawing back into 2006 and it still inserts in the wrong place. Only if I start a new blank drawing in '06 will they insert in the correct spot. I CAN bring them into the correct spot using Display Manger, but the resolution is degraded. (They are .25m resolution tifs) Any thoughts?
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Re: TIFs in Map 2007...

06-16-2006 02:54 PM in reply to: Harry4
In the Map Image Correlation Box on the Source Tab, are the Units for Insertion Point and Density set to the units the image is in (eg. most of my images are in inches per pixel, so it should be set to Inches)?
This is usually the source of a similar error I receive from time to time.

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Re: TIFs in Map 2007...

06-19-2006 06:53 AM in reply to: Harry4

The images are in meters, but I've tried every setting with no luck...
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Re: TIFs in Map 2007...

06-22-2006 09:17 AM in reply to: Harry4
I have noticed that sometimes I import images that are in meters but the dialog box says feet. I just leave it alone and it imports OK. Just for the heck of it try feet and see what happens.

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Re: TIFs in Map 2007...

06-23-2006 01:09 PM in reply to: Harry4

I have just loaded ACADMAP2007, after tearing my hair out over this image insertion problem I found your reply - very useul - it worked with my images.

One thing of note is that on the second tab - I cannot for the life of me get this to be anything other than inches even though the INSUNITS is set to 6 (metres). The weird thing is that after inserting an image the INSUNITS is set to 0 ???

Also we have one copy Raster Design 2007 (compared to lots of MAP) - in this when you insert images you CAN change the insertion units to metres (to match the image) and eveything works fine.

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Re: TIFs in Map 2007...

08-01-2006 08:49 AM in reply to: Harry4
I'm using Map 2007 SP1.

I am finding that the INSUNITS is getting reset. My drawing unit is originally set to feet. Then I go to Map... Image... Insert... and select the tif which has a tfw file with it. I modify the correlation and change the source units to Meters since the tif is based on meters. But the Insertion tab now has the AutoCAD Units now set to Inches instead of Feet.

Then I quit out and check the Drawing Units and it has been reset to Unitless. So far I haven't figured out why it is doing that.

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Re: TIFs in Map 2007...

01-22-2007 12:38 PM in reply to: Harry4
I cannot get Map 2007 to insert Geo-Tiff images without a world file. Map 2005 worked perfectly... but now it is broken.

It seems 2k7 inserts the images ignoring the correlation.

other images such as sid work fine.
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