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10-15-2009 01:23 PM
I heard a rummor that Revit will be phasing out Autocad MEP? Is this true or false. Id like to hear it from AUTODESK.
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10-19-2009 11:47 AM in reply to: AutoCAD-AL
Hi Autocad-AL -

I'm the Product Manager for AutoCAD MEP and I'm curious as to where you heard this? Unless you've seen an official Autodesk press release stating this (which I haven't), you can rest assured it is just a rumor. If anyone else has heard this too, please let me know so I can contact the parties spreading such information.

AutoCAD MEP is alive and well.


Toby Smith, PE, LEED AP
AutoCAD MEP Product Manager
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10-19-2009 02:37 PM in reply to: AutoCAD-AL
It may be one of those things where people start speculating and it turns into a rumor.
It may also be people looking at the trends in the industries and the manufacturers putting $$ into creating Revit families, but typically not putting any $$ into creating parametric or MvParts for A-MEP.
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10-27-2009 06:38 AM in reply to: AutoCAD-AL
Hi Toby

As you say that you are the Product Manager for AutoCAD MEP can you tell me why the U.K. content of MEP is not made up of U.K. parts but just U.S. parts renamed?

I would also like to know why the electrical parts, e.g. Trunking (raceway in the US) is actually ducting, why is cable ladder and cable basket actually cable tray renamed and conduit just pipework and nothing like conduit.

I find it increasing frustrating to have to make my own catalogues of U.K. parts, nothing out of the box is usable, after all I am a drafter and not an AutoCAD MEP programmer. I invested in MEP to help me to produce Electrical installation drawings but I feel that I have bought a "lemon".

I have asked my U.K. reseller about downgrading to plain AutoCAD, however he tells me that I have to cancel my subscription to MEP and then purchase (at full price) a copy of AutoCAD and then pay the subscription for it.


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10-28-2009 09:33 AM in reply to: AutoCAD-AL
Alan, There are programs out there that can do what you want, I work for an Electrical Contractor and have found the same deficiencies with MEP as you. I have found something that helps though, contact me if you want to know more.


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10-28-2009 12:03 PM in reply to: AutoCAD-AL
Hi Adam
Thanks for the response; what have you found that makes MEP work properly then? I'm assuming that you are a U.K. contractor, I'm aware of other programmes out there; however I'm very frustrated with AutoCAD MEP not doing what it says.
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11-06-2009 09:57 PM in reply to: AutoCAD-AL

Can you provide me a list of items and manufacturers that you feel should be in the UK version? I will be happy to collect this information and pass it along to the content team and design team for AutoCAD MEP. I can be reached at

Gregg Stanley [Autodesk]

Gregg Stanley
QA Analyst
Autodesk, Inc.

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11-09-2009 07:14 AM in reply to: AutoCAD-AL
MEP is not Dead
It's just there to string us along down two seperate paths and get us to buy three times the product.

It's just seems dead since they are just having to split development between two packages. Why make one good product when you can make two mediocre products.

Oooh, and then we can make it so they don't talk to each other so the customers will have to buy 3 products! (Navis).

They also know that by making the Architects happy we will be drug along regardless of the quality of their product. Since 2005 we've screamed for sloped piping, but you've given us everything except that!

I have to chuckle everytime Autodesk tells us 'we can't say when or if a feature will make it into a product'. But you are more then happy to take our blood money in subscription, cuz boy howdy if we don't, we can be sure to pay full price when a feature does come along that we need. Is this why it took so long to get sloped piping in MEP? Were you just stringin us along? You had no trouble getting that into Revit from the start...even before you got it into MEP. So it never was a matter of ability.

You get to give us whatever you want kindof around a certain time without anykind of penalty if you're late. Heck most of us are too afraid to rollout your software right away anyway, maybe there'll be a service pack (or two (or three)).

MEP is as buggy now as it has ever been, if not more so. Currently half of our computers are on service pack 2 (or is it version 2?). We get the choice of frequent crashes, or device text that doesn't rotate properly. We'll probably get the next release before this gets fixed. And why should they even fix it? All the more reason to force us into another product. All the more reason to string us along on subscription.

So could we maybe get some more themes in the next release, maybe flowers and bunnies? You know something to make me happy as I spend my weekends struggling around the bugs, crashes and workarounds as I try to get my job done.

We don't use your product because it's the best, we use it because we have to be compatible. And it's obvious you guys realize that by guarding you closed format, your product quality can go to .... you know where.

I'm sorry you feel so compelled to penalize your customers with restricted, non-interoperable formats just because your mansions aren't big enough.

I've used Autocad now for two decades. I used to spend my nights and weekends playing with your product. I've stood up for you and promised my boss and more importantly our customers that I could make your product work. And you've failed me....miserably. And wasted yet another weekend of mine (with many more sure to come).

I'm sorry Autodesk, I used to be your biggest fan.
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11-11-2009 06:42 AM in reply to: AutoCAD-AL
Hi Jeb

Are you in the U.S. or the U.K?

I see that you haven't had any replies from the people at Autodesk yet; I'm assuming that you aren't expecting one.

There is a point that I fail to understand; If one of the main selling points for both AutoCAD MEP and Revit MEP is"Clash Detection" why are Autodesk urging us to buy Navis with its seamless integration with either MEP product and it's main selling point "clash detection"?



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