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Re: Save problems

11-16-2011 03:54 PM in reply to: april_herr

Thanks for the feedback, April! I will be filing that one away for later...

Bob Hanrahan
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Re: Save problems

12-14-2011 12:04 PM in reply to: testsubject

Unfortunately, I am back to having the same problems...  As soon as I created another folder, the save problems were back.  IT has tried giving me a new windows profile, nothing seems to stop this.  It happens when I am using the new features in AcadE, in my documents.  I have full permissions now, so it's not that.  I want AutoCAD to see this and help! 

If I shut off my backup files in the options, this doesn't happen.  But if I shut them off, I'm in real trouble because that is how I get my files back that I lose because of this problem.  I am at my witts-end!!

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Re: Save problems

12-14-2011 07:47 PM in reply to: april_herr

Hi April and others    ACE2012 Porblms


The problems mentioned above are similiar to some of the "Glitches" I have experienced with ACE2012.


Just yeaterday I had a problem where suddenly I could not insert or edit a componant.  A restart of ACE cleared the problem.


About 5 days ago XREF locked up. 


I could post 26 "lockups" in the last 6 months thay i have had.    Some are just commands not working others are Fatal errors.


In every case a restart of ACE clears the problem. 


If I draw many Symbols using Symbol builder, when finished I usually restart ACE.


I have friend who teaches REVIT, he experiences similiar porblems.   His solution is to shutdown REVIT for lunch.  He needs lunch not the programme.


Win7 provides a better analysis of memory use than XP Pro and it is possible to see the creeping consumption of memory by ACE2012, that is only cleared with a restart of ACE2012


If some one has a better explanation or solution than I have, I would like to know.


Cheers  jq

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Re: Save problems

12-15-2011 08:03 AM in reply to: testsubject

Unfortunately, my problems aren't helped by shutting down CAD or restarting.  It happens from the beginning of the day, no matter what.  But I appreciate the input.  Hopefully we can come to sone resolution...

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Re: Save problems

12-22-2011 07:41 AM in reply to: johnq

I am cautiously opptimistic!  IT came to the conclusion our virus software- ca- is the problem.  They uninstalled and re-installed something else for me.  So far, so good!

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Re: Save problems

01-19-2012 06:28 AM in reply to: april_herr

Problems are still there !

Drawings gone, and a few atmp*  sav*.tmp files in that directory.

More people here have the same problem with AcadE but...


Sometimes XL or Wrd say :

- can not save, try again later

and when i click 1 second later it's ok ?


Is this all a W7 problem !

And not a AcadE thing ?

Are there more people with W7 that have this "can not save" and have problems with XL(2010) and Wrd(2010) :smileyfrustrated:



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Re: Save problems

01-19-2012 12:47 PM in reply to: Wheelie22

Yesterday morning in the space of 30 minutes I had 3 FATAL ERORS closing drawings.


I did not take any measurers to correct the errors, the errors simply stopped happening.


My computer is an ACER  Win7,  8 core,   8gB  64bit machine.  It must be a huge task for MicroSoft to support all the different versions of Win7  ir 32 & 64bit together with the various core processor combinations.


When 2 core PC processors started to appear I asked a REP from an AutoDESK supplier about how ACE was going to handle the new processors.    At that time (about 18months ago) they had not plans to take advantage of the extra processors.


I have mentioned before I have had 2007 / 2010 & 2012 each on different windows boxes giveing problems.


Is there any one out there who is using ACE that does not have ANY problems?


I would like to know what hardware you are using.


I must get back to learnning how to set up ACE BoM.


Cheers  john Q






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