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Hidden wires/wire numbers?

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04-11-2013 05:25 AM

While surfing to find a particular wire, I noted three instances of this wire in the results.  I expected two.  Picking one of those instances leads to an empty space in a drawing.  In other cases, I expect one instace of a wire number.  I get five.


I managed to find some of them in frozen layers called WIRENO_HIDE.  However, there are still others out there.


I have tried rebuilding the database, deleting the database and letting the program rebuild it.

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Re: Hidden wires/wire numbers?

04-16-2013 07:59 PM in reply to: kc8akw
Try running the DWG Audit tool. It looks for two types of bad wire numbers.... it may kill them??
Do you have any "wires" on hidden layers?
Stan Wile
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Re: Hidden wires/wire numbers?

04-16-2013 10:00 PM in reply to: s.wile

Hi There


This "wire" problem seem to happen to me from time to time.  It is a pain.  SOme things to try:   close all drawings and ACE.


delete the .MDB file for that project.   delete the wires where the numbers are excessive.  Purge the drawing. 


Purge all drawings as you go from one drawing to another.


Do something else and com back to the offending drawing.


My system is busy and CAD background work can take a while to catch up.   I can't prove this.


Try these in various order.


Cheers  John Q







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Re: Hidden wires/wire numbers?

04-18-2013 07:29 AM in reply to: kc8akw

Hi kc8awk,


Did you use the delete key on the wire that has "left" items behind?


Its very common to see this when you  don't use the ACADE Command "Trim Wire" to remove wires.

It leaves bogus wires and wire number floaters (it doesn't matter if they are hidden or visible) they stick around and are part of the database until you do a "DWG Audit" in reports.

For good measure I always suggest doing a normal Audit then a DWG Audit.

By the way this can also occur if you use the delete key on a wire number, you have to use Delete Component ( works 99% of the time), or delete wire number.


Also since you mentioned that the Layers were Frozen, check in your project to see if you set the Wire layers to Frozen in the "Define Layers" Section buried in the Drawing format tab.

Frozen layers are not affected by commands (they are unloaded therefore in the programs eyes they don't exist), so if you did the proper thing using Delete wire number and trim wires you could still see the issue, since the layer was frozen. 


I hope this helps,


James Alger


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Re: Hidden wires/wire numbers?

04-28-2013 04:04 PM in reply to: algerj

To add to James post...

Wire layers that simply have thier visibility turned off causes issues as well. I foget the actual issue but wrote a blog post on it some time ago.


Make sure you have no wire layers turned off as well.

Stan Wile
IMAGINiT Technologies

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