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Steve N
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Ethernet Switches Schematic View

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04-03-2007 12:51 PM
Does anyone have any examples showing ethernet connectivity from an ethernet switch to its connected devices. I have an eight port switch that will connect to AB 1734 Point I/O, Power Flex drives and Panelview.
Example drawing would be appreciated.
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Re: Ethernet Switches Schematic View

04-04-2007 05:15 AM in reply to: Steve N
Here is one that I have drawn. I then drew ethernet cables and showed which port they connected to and which componenet they went to.
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Re: Ethernet Switches Schematic View

04-04-2007 09:55 AM in reply to: Steve N
Here is one that our electrical controls guy made.
Phoenix Contact
Family-DN for Device networks
Top has wire terminals and we add connectors [mfg: generic; catalog: RJ-45] to the sides with cables attached to those connectors.
Steve N
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Re: Ethernet Switches Schematic View

04-04-2007 01:24 PM in reply to: Steve N
Thanks for the replies. I am looking at taking the connections a step further. Currently I use a block Hdr1_power that is used in the 3 phase part of the drawing. This block is loaded with RATING10, 11 &12 that represent the ethernet address, subnet and gateway. I then use a Hdr2_XXX to be the control connections for the drive. I also have a Hdr2_Enet that is the ethernet module that is plugged into the drive. The Hdr2_Enet block then obtains the RATING10, 11 &12 information from the parent. Now that the drive setup is ready I need to show the connection to the ethernet switch. As part of the connection drawing I want to show the IP data (RATING10, 11 &12 ) from the drive at the ethernet switch in the form of a RJ45 symbol. I also want to display a RJ45 symbol at the drive that will be a sibling of the ethernet switch and carry port number information. I can then connect the two RJ45 blocks via a cable. This will allow me to see IP information at the ethernet switch for each port as well allow me to surf the parent or sibling blocks. I currently have everything figured out except how to handle the ports in the ethernet switch. It would be best if each port were a parent so the RJ45 (child) symbol would carry the port number when it is placed next to the drive. The problem is I don't want multiple parents (8) for one ethernet switch. I am looking for a way to create a parent block that has 8 connections (ports) that I can use my RJ45 symbol (child) to carry the port information.
Could I treat the Enet switch like a relay and the ports like the contacts. In the pinlist I could setup a "4,PORT 1,*Port 1;4,PORT 2,*Port 2;etc...". I could also set a max number of contacts to be 8.
I will have to try this next week. See the attached file to see where I am as of today. Any suggestions appreciated.
Anyone is welcome to use the blocks contained in the attached drawing.
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Re: Ethernet Switches Schematic View

04-05-2007 04:22 AM in reply to: Steve N
In the schematic portion of our drawings I use a block with terminals for each port and the ports are labled P1 through P16 depending on which hub/switch I am using. I then run a standard wire to each port used and put a cable marker symbol on that wire with no color called out and a part number for our CAT5 cable. The other end of the wire is then terminated at the end device like a Variable Speed Drive with an ethernet port or a PLC.

Works pretty good for us.

Steve N
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Re: Ethernet Switches Schematic View

04-09-2007 12:00 PM in reply to: Steve N
Take a look at the attached dwg. This for the most part follows the previous description. The nice part is the the IP address information can be carried to the switch and the switch Port number can be carried to the device.
Thanks to those who posted with your ideas.

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