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Component tag options...

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04-27-2012 10:12 AM

Hi all!

I´m dealing with a small problem regarding how ACADE (2012) formats tags on inserted components.

In the project properties, I have defined that ACADE inserts automatically the drawing defaults into the Installation and Location fields but suppresses the visibility when matching drawing defaults. This can all be achieved by selecting combined installation/location tag mode and selecting suppress installation/location when matching drawing defaults. But here is where it gets interesting, our customer requests that the software tags komponents such that if a komponent is tagged for instance

-K1, this tag is now reserved and cannot be used by ACADE althoug the component in question has a different Installation/Location code. Again this can be achieved by disabling the combined installation/Location tag mode but when doing so, the functionality of suppressing visibility of installation/location fields when matching drawing default does not function anymore and now I have to manually hide the fields which is quite timeconsuming. I have attached an image showing the project properties settings dialog box. Any ideas, comments how to adjust the settings to accomplish the wanted result will be much appreciated. I´m sure there is a neat way to get past this minor problem....any Ideas ladies and gentlemen ?

Thank´s in advance.

Regards, Gary

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Re: Component tag options...

04-27-2012 02:34 PM in reply to: CAD-ICE

I send you two files, one lisp and one script.

Save those files to your computer.

Use APPLOAD command, find the hide_loc_inst.LSP file you just saved and LOAD it.

On the ribbon select Project tab-> Project Tools panel-> Utilities or just type AEUTILITIES on the command line.

Select  Run command script file check box, then click on the  ...  button and find hide_loc_inst.scr file.

Select OK, then Project option, select drawings to process or Do All to process all drawings and then OK.

This will run (in all selected drawings) hide_loc_inst.LSP which hides LOC and INST attributes.


To hide attributes in one drawing only you can use: 

Schematic tab->Edit Components panel->Modify Attributes drop-down->Hide Attributes (Window/Multiple) or type AEHIDEATTRIB on the command line,

select components for which you want to hide attributes,

and then select attributes you want to hide.





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Re: Component tag options...

04-27-2012 03:09 PM in reply to: vladop

If it doesn't work, download files again, I found a mistake in the lsp file.

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Re: Component tag options...

04-28-2012 06:30 AM in reply to: vladop

Dear Vladop

Thank you so much for the script and applikation which work just as I was seeking after. I tried this briefly on one drawing and all components where inst/loc codes matched the drawing defaults where hid as requested.

We are working for a somewhat difficult customer with lot´s of requests and this is one of them. Another request they have is having a different tag format on cables where cables are tagged depending if it´s a power cable, signal cable etc.

I was wondering if you have done some experiments with something like that.

Anyway, thanks for your valued support in this thread :smileyhappy:

Regards, Gary


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Re: Component tag options...

04-28-2012 02:20 PM in reply to: CAD-ICE

Use your current cable marker block (e.g. VW01.dwg)

to create separate copies of cable marker blocks for every type of cable:

VW01-POW.dwg for power cables

VW01-SIG.dwg for signal cables

VW01-TEL.dwg for telecom cables.


If you only want to have different "family" parts e.g.

for power cables WE-xxx 

for signal cables WS-xxx

for telecom cables TT-xxx

where xxx part is same for each cable marker and defined in project properties,

than modify TAG1 (or TAG1F) attribute value in each separate cable marker block

to WE in VW01-POW.dwg

to WS in VW01-SIG.dwg 

to TT in VW01-TEL.dwg.

You can also empty TAG1 attribute value and change FAMILY attribute value instead. Result is the same.


If you want completely different tag formats e.g.

for power cables WE-%S%N

for signal cable WS-%D-%N

for  telecom cables %S.%D-TT%N


%S  is sheet number of the drawing
%D is drawing number and
%N is sequential or reference-based number applied to the component

than add TAGFMT attribute to each cable marker block with values:

for power cables WE-%S%N

for signal cable WS-%D-%N

for  telecom cables %S.%D-TT%N

or you can use:

%F-%S%N for power cables

%F -%D-%N for signal cables

%S.%D-%F%N  for telecom cables

and control %F part with TAG1 or FAMILY attribute values.


For each parent block VW01-POW.dwg, VW01-SIG.dwg and VW01-TEL.dwg

create corresponding child block,

simply by coping your current child block (e.g. VW02.dwg) and changing block name to

VW02-POW.dwg, VW02-SIG.dwg and VW02-TEL.dwg.


Using Icon Menu Wizard (Schematic tab->Other Tools panel->Icon Menu Wizard or AEMENUWIZ)

create icons for each parent and child cable marker block.




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Re: Component tag options.../

01-29-2014 11:23 AM in reply to: CAD-ICE

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with Autocad electrical 2014. The problem is about drawing from icon menu motor or relays etc.  I click the icon menu and I choose motor for example 3phase one and before drawing it on a project the small windows will appears "Edit component". On this small windows there is "Component Tag" and under that in my autocad is written "MOT?"because of that question mark I cannot draw it on my project please help me with this problem maybe there is something wrong with my settings? Please help if anyone khows about such kind of problem. 

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Re: Component tag options.../

01-30-2014 12:28 PM in reply to: ehson91

Hi Ehson91,


Your question should actually be under a new topic, but don't worry about that.


The "?" at the end of the compoent tag is its "Reference number".

the Component tag is configured in your project, its Default is %F%N.

%F is the family code (MOT in this case)

%N is the Reference number ( by default it is looking for a Rung Reference along the side)

You can add the reference numbers by placing an empty ladder. (select "no bus")


I hope this helps,



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Re: Component tag options...

02-12-2014 09:48 PM in reply to: CAD-ICE

In Australia, there are certain prefixes that are required by the Australian Wiring Standards for control wiring so I know what you are going through.


One option is to have the wiring seperated into different layers. Then have the wires numbered according to the layers.


I have over 30 different layers and depending on the layer, the wire gets a unique label.


For example,

Five layers will number a wire with an A prefix for CT wiring used in primary protection excluding over current and start numbering at different numbers.

This covers the three phases, neutral and earth for that set of CT's.


Two layers will add a prefix of K for closing and tripping control circuits (Positive/Negative or Active/Neutral). The layer settings will number the positive/active with a odd number and the negative/neutral with an even number.


And so on.


This still allows ACADE to do the autonumbering but also covers the standards that we have to use...


It does require a bit of setting up but once it has been, you are set.


Regards Brad

Icemanau (NNTP handle: Brad Coleman)

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