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AutoCAD Electrical 2013 too slow because of network / internet integration.

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07-02-2013 06:46 AM

We recently upgraded to ACADE 2013. But we have to save our files as 2007 format because our batch computers are still 2008 and will have to stay that way for a while.


So we started doing time tests to see how we could improve our performance. Obviously changing the save format to 2013 has an impact. Localizing our resources off of the network to our hard drives had an impact. But the other impact we found was disconnecting the network all together. LIterally unplugging the network made everything work faster.


So, my question is this: is there a way to disable all the little processes in the background, that our wasting time trying to communicate over the network, so we can get the best speed possible on opening, processing and closing our drawings as if the network connection didn't exist?

An obvious bump in the road is how to do this without disabling our network licenses.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: AutoCAD Electrical 2013 too slow because of network / internet integration.

07-03-2013 10:20 AM in reply to: mkeil

Hello mkeil,


If you are using network licenses, naturally you do need to keep the network connection.


Assuming you are using either Windows XP or 7, you can help the load the system is undertaking by disabling some items from starting when your computer, to starting when you want them too.


In WIN XP, open the start menu and open RUN.

There type "msconfig" (without quotations) and have a look under the startup tab and services tab.


In Windows 7, open the start menu and type in the search filed "msconfig" and hit enter.

Same procedure for both.


Be warned, changing some services may disable others from running, so be sure and "hide all Microsoft services" to help avoid that.


Also a defrag, and registry cleaner could help.


Other than that, this may help aside from disabling the network altogether.


--Best Wishes


Thomas Walls


Thomas Walls | AutoCAD Electrical 2013
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Re: AutoCAD Electrical 2013 too slow because of network / internet integration.

07-03-2013 12:14 PM in reply to: mkeil

Hi Mkeil,


Like any networked autodesk product (except the vault...) You can borrow the network license on a local machine.


Under the help Dropdown (the little black arrow beside your help bubble)

select "About AutoCAD Electrical" (or if you are in another product "About <product name>" 

    A dialog box will pop up with lic agreement info

   (it has your Serial number and product build... nice to know but not really that important)


Click on the "About AutoCAD Electrical" button...which usually says "About AutoCAD.." 

     Another dialog box will pop up  more lic info... ignore it (not all products have 3 dialogs to go though to get to the

     product info...


Click "Product Info"


you should now be in the following Dialog Box:


Product lic info.png

(mine is Already Borrowed so it says Return instead of Borrow)


Click on Borrow License and now it doesn't matter what happens to your server the license is owned by the machine for a set amount of time. (so you can disconnect from the network, if it makes you happier)

By Default you can borrow a license for 180 days (assuming there is no lic options file limiting the borrow time) 


For the second part of the issue how to access the files locally while still sharing them on the network... Well I would use a Vaulted environment. You could store all of the project files and some libs, and access databases in the vault... Just be careful not to share any temp files (anything stored in your user profile... minus the icon menu files) 

AutoCAD Electrical freaks out when you try to share these files.


I highly suggest talking to your local re-seller and see if they can help you setup the vault (if you decide to use it).


I hope this helps,


James Alger



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Re: AutoCAD Electrical 2013 too slow because of network / internet integration.

07-03-2013 11:17 PM in reply to: mkeil

This may be relevant, one of my workmates is using Win 7 and his PC was running ACAD super slow, taking forever to save drawings, update etc.  Im still on XP and wasnt seeing the problems he was.


We moved all of our drawings and symbol libraries off the network server to a NAS which solved the problem.

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Re: AutoCAD Electrical 2013 too slow because of network / internet integration.

07-04-2013 05:42 AM in reply to: mkeil

Nice, I could see a NAS working to do the same thing... Just less control then the Vault.

Its more or less the same idea though. 

The Vault is hosted as controlled network storage through IIS.

The NAS is network storage (excluded from the wonderful IT policies that cripple the Servers).


Thats not to say you shouldn't have IT policies (you need them to protect your network).

Its just most of the time they lock down file folders that they shouldn't.


Anyway I hope that you find what works for you.




James Alger





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