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Ability to Data Short Cut a corridor

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11-08-2011 08:21 PM

a few reasons...........


1. currently, i am designing a road. i am trying to balance its excavation qualitities as best as possible. with the corridor being created independantly, i am having to adjust my vertical in the alignment then switch tot he corridor file to re-analyse the qualities. If the corridor was in one file i could do this much easier.....but i cant do it in the same file, as im being forced to xref the corridor.....i dont want to xref the entire model as this slows down the sheets too much.


2. if i make a change to the alignment. if the corrodor was in the same file as the alignment, it woule re-build automatically, and the moment i click save, this would reflect through to the drafter and their plan file. however having the corridor as a sepaate file of which is being xrefed, i update the alignment, then have to open the corridor file, let it rebuild, then save it....for the data to be transferred through. 1 step too many?


3. duplicate of data.....drafting standards require the long section to be shown below the plan view on the sheet.

- when i data shortcut the profile in it brings in a plan alignment

- I will need to show a master alignment on the plan, so i will have to data shortcut this (to allow change of text size of chainages etc)

- i need the alignment inside the corridor file to create it....i would simply skip the step above and use the alignemnt as seen in the corridor file, but i cant change the scale of it.


so effectively i have jsut brought in the alignment 3 times....yep i can layer control their visibilty...but what a pain!! must be an easier way.

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Re: Ability to Data Short Cut a corridor

11-10-2011 08:57 AM in reply to: MarkLister6313

As all other Civil 3d objects (i.e. alignments and their profiles, surfaces and pipe networks) yields to the Data Shortcut principle, one can only assume that Autodesk is trying their hardest to make DS-referencing possible for corridors as well. From what I have heard of our local Autodesk-personnel, Data Shortcuts to corridors is much more difficult to achieve, than to those other c3d objects. However, to emphasize how important this functionality is I want to fill in on Mark’s list.


2b) To let alignments, profiles and corridors reside in the same dwg is almost necessary when it comes to more detailed modeling, such as roundabouts, intersections and so on. In fact, if using the intersection wizard this practice is required.


4) Here it is industry standard to use slope patterns, as opposed to contours, to display the roads daylight areas. In order to display the daylight areas with ditches and breakpoints, we need to data shortcut the corridor models into a plan drawing (also containing line work as ETW, medians etc) which is then xreffed into multiple production sheets.


5) We are also required to label certain feature lines (generally Crown and ETW) in the corridor model at even intervals (often every 10 meters). Ideally we would data ref the corridor, set it to a “hide” style and then label those feature lines at an interval independently of the corridor frequency (as this is usually at much smaller intervals).


Today we have to explode the corridor model and copy+paste it into the plan drawing containing the line work. To get the elevation labels, we set the corridor frequency to 10 meters, extract the required COGO-points, rotate them using a vba and finally copy+paste them into the drawing containing spot elevation labels, alignment labels with curve radii, spiral and superelevation data as well as other detailed information. At the moment our only alternative to this procedure, would be to xref the dwg containing the corridor model (the most cluttered dwg:s in a project) directly into the production sheets. Apart from making it a real pain to manage the layers, it goes directly against Autodesk’s best practices guide which is all about splitting information and then data reference it back together where needed.   


I’ve attached two images showing a basic look of a plan sheet and its corridor model dwg.



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Re: Ability to Data Short Cut a corridor

11-11-2011 12:07 AM in reply to: c_asg



C3D 2011 Ver 2, HP Z400 Workstation, Intel Xeon CPU @ 2.80 GHz, 6 GB Ram, 64-bit Win7 OS, NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800

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