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UCS - Unnecessary Crap Syndrome

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08-31-2011 08:44 AM

I launched this topic to resolve a bit of debate around my office. I have been using DVIEW with the twist option to rotate views and viewports for years. As of late we receive drawings more frequently with the UCS rotated in the viewports and UCSFOLLOW set to 1 to match the geometry to a locked viewport. The problem with this is that every time you rotate the UCS all the coordinates will label wrong unless you can remember to set it to world before labeling. I have a strong objection to anyone rotating the UCS just to twist a viewport when DVIEW and TWIST can accomplish the same thing without ever affecting the coordinates in any way. I brought this up to one of our offending techs and was told in so many words that I was the idiot and that everyone twisted viewports with the ucs. To assume that we should all remember to set our UCS to world before labeling coordinates (as though it were as common as tying your shoes in the morning) is dead wrong. My wish is for everyone to weigh in pros and cons as to how they do it so I can convince these people to stop this Unnecessary Crap Syndrome. The UCS command has many great uses but destroying coordinate systems for the sake of twisting a view shouldn't be one of them. Agree or Disagree?  

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Re: UCS - Unnecessary Crap Syndrome

08-31-2011 09:04 AM in reply to: WIZNICKARTS

I agree with OP. Dview and Twist should be used to rotate viewports.  Of course I am a fairly accomodating type of person and if I know that using one method to do something causes someone else problems, and if using the other person's method is just as easy and doesn't cause problems, then I will use the other person's method.  Seems like the only reasonable thing to do.


That said, if you know that several people that you work with consistently mess with the UCS, you might want to just set up a script that changes the UCS to world every time you open a drawing.  There are many ways to get the same result with CAD and I usually find it easier to just roll with the punches even if you think that other people's methods are stupid.

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Re: UCS - Unnecessary Crap Syndrome

08-31-2011 09:06 AM in reply to: WIZNICKARTS

We follow the same basic idea as you, that a UCS creates problems, and is unnecessary, so we don't use it.


I know plenty of others who do, though, so it's definitely possible to use C3D either way.  It really comes down to personal preference.


Unfortunately, I don't think that gives you much ammo for your interoffice debate, except that I can say it is definitely NOT true that "everyone twists viewports with a UCS".

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Re: UCS - Unnecessary Crap Syndrome

08-31-2011 10:20 AM in reply to: WIZNICKARTS

I concur with the previous statements, some people are too stubborn for their own good.  I have dealt with people who turn the UCS icon off or use Blipmode and then there is the issue of overlay or attached when using xrefs.  Like Shaneeliss stated, it's easier going around them and set up variables or scripts to set up your drawing environment when you start your drawing.  And when they have problems with why doesn't this insert right or this inserts way out there, I take a restroom break and let them stew a little.


I do twist the UCS on occasion and save the twisted system in case I have to back to it but I always go back to the world when I am done with that system.  Every tool has their use, but you have to learn to use them properly.

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Re: UCS - Unnecessary Crap Syndrome

08-31-2011 11:21 AM in reply to: azrdgldr

any labeling tools that require usc to be world to work right are half baked.

Many times, you purposefully set ucs to View, to be flat to a viewport to allow callouts with flat leader lines.

To require ucs to be world reflects a programmer who did not finish a tool.


As for using ucs or dview to twist a view, it should not matter.

Use whatever you want, but IMO both ways are a waste of time.

This is so common to see people argue over which OOTB command is best when both are junk.

Get a decent lisp that allows you to pick points, type a rotation, pick a line, and other options.

try the attached one.


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Re: UCS - Unnecessary Crap Syndrome

09-01-2011 02:44 AM in reply to: WIZNICKARTS
I hate ti admit it but I agree, at least somewhat, with Maeding. There are many reasons why the UCS may need to be changed. If you're going to label coordinates, make sure you set UCS to World before doing so. I'm fairly certain that when you label coordinates with Civil 3D, it does not matter what the UCS is set to. Anyone care to confirm this as I'm nowhere near a PC now?

Regarding rotating your view in a paper space viewport, try just rotating the viewport (look into the VPROTATEASSOC variable). You'll get a rotated rectangle but it's actually a clipped viewport, unclip it and it's back to normal.
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Re: UCS - Unnecessary Crap Syndrome

09-01-2011 08:59 AM in reply to: mathewk

why hate to admit it?  Some lingering topic you did not like my stance on?

I will say openly I am not strapped to the C3D bandwagon, and the tools I have written to fill the gaps identified, have actually worked, thus making me that much more eager to keep pushing on Autodesk to fix the equivalent C3D feature. 


Note that clipped viewports are not supported by some popular plot drivers, like the ldf one from OCE.  Good reminder though.


The bigger issue in my mind on the UCS, is the darn civil batch converter uses the current coord system when wblocking things out to the new files it creates.  Its a bug that has been there from the beginning.

So you hand off a set of files with ucs set to user, and they come out very off coord base.



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Re: UCS - Unnecessary Crap Syndrome

09-01-2011 10:38 AM in reply to: jmaeding

Nice program. I have one called HVT, don't know who wrote it but it does the job for me.  As they say their is more than one way to skin a cat, you just have to find the best way that works for you.

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Re: UCS - Unnecessary Crap Syndrome

09-02-2011 09:42 AM in reply to: WIZNICKARTS

I have been using USC for 20 years with out ever encountering  Unnecessary Crap Syndone. I also have not experenced a coordinate problem with c3d labels - I imagine that must be frustrating

Thank you

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Re: UCS - Unnecessary Crap Syndrome

09-02-2011 09:58 AM in reply to: Joe-Bouza

right, the frustrating part of C3D is when you try to rotate a station/elevation callout.  Make a new style please.

Will they ever cover that need?

The college students from USC are in secret alliance with Autodesk, and have been hazed so simply do not realize the pain they are encountering :smileyhappy:

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