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Replacing an existing linetype

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01-15-2014 05:22 AM

Hopefully a simple question.


We have an existing drawing with a linetype that uses a shape file as part of its definition. For whatever reason the shape file is not loading and the line appears as just dots.


If I open a brand new drawing and use design center to drag that linetype out of a drawing it works in, it works correctly. If I dot he same into the drawing it is appearing as dots in, it doesn't change anything.


I believe this is due to the fact that is is already defined in the drawing and brining it in from design center won't modify an existing linetype. Unfortunately despite purging the drawing and making sure no layer is using the linetype and all lines are set to by layer for linetype, I can;t get rid of it from the drawing to redefine it as a fresh entity.


In this case we are simply going to create a new blank drawing, define the line correctly and bring in the data from the old drawing, but in the future this might not work as well so I want to get soem feedback on how to do this differently.


Thank you