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Re: Labels in Paper or Model Space

06-03-2010 09:50 AM in reply to: 10acken
> {quote:title=klugb wrote:}{quote}
> I agree that is great ........ Most of the time, but some times I want to make a 40 scale plot by have the labels stay at a 20 scale. I dont think you can do it without editing each style, which is not really an option with profiles & pipes labeled.

Yep... Maybe one of these releases, Autodesk will reconcile C3D labels and Annotative Scales, so we can use Annotative Scales to control scaling of C3D labels, and they behave the same way as Annotative text... That would solve this problem.

Then we're just missing the fact that C3D labels can't have multiple leaders, the way MLEADERS can, or multiple locations in different scales, the way other Annotative objects can, or reference Fields the way that Annotative objects can.

Meanwhile, the Annotative stuff is missing the ability to "flip plan-readable", which is a pretty nice feature in C3D labels...

Hey, but at least all this confusion helps keep the C3D trainers busy... :smileyhappy:

-- Sinc
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Re: Labels in Paper or Model Space

06-03-2010 10:41 AM in reply to: 10acken
Matt is talking about the plotted height of the text. If the style is set up to be 0.1" (on paper) it will always be that height regardless if the viewport scale is 1000 or 15000.

If you want the text to stay the same size relative to model space you can scale the border and play with the plot scales in the printer to get it to look right. Not a great solution, but it works in a pinch.
Stacy Dunn
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Re: Labels in Paper or Model Space

06-04-2010 09:43 PM in reply to: 10acken

It has to be an annotative style.

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Re: Labels in Paper or Model Space

06-05-2010 05:33 AM in reply to: stacy.dunn


Regarding the issue of wanting my text to stay at '20 scale' in '40 scale' view, the scaled border approach had been the official least offensive approach from Autodesk VAR.


I would NOT want the Civil 3D labals to act like annotative text.  The annotative text can be quite annoying and the fact that Civil 3D text already shows perfectly in every view is too nice.  My worry has been that Autodesk would ruin a solid thing.  Perhaps that is why we don't see a change regarding this issue.


The scaled border is a PITA, but we have all adopted different workflows to compensate, and scale the border when we have to.


John Evans

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John Evans
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Re: Labels in Paper or Model Space

06-05-2010 06:10 AM in reply to: 10acken


We use Model space to establish all design labeling.

Notes, details, border, etc all go in Paper Space



Occasionally, rather than fight something in model space to format for Paper, we will hot fix it in the Paper Space.  Additional Civil 3D Parcel Labels on tracts that span numerous sheets.  It's is too easy to just add the label in Paper space and get on with the design. After all, we needed the a duplicate label to show in a particular view, easier to add a quick label in Paper Space and be done.


Non-site references

When we have long, non-design, non site issues like say some proximity to a zone that is far away, we can throw a reference to the line graphically and break a dimension to it all in Paper space and label it NTS.  It keeps my design area cleaned up, and it's faster to add that kind of thing in Paper Space, rather than clear a MS area and relayer some things. 


Awesome details

We have one situation that works too well. Utility Asbuilts, where the Gate Valve recovery distances have to be shown tied to above ground improvements.  We created details that contain a solid shade background and simple border. We add the schematic distances to the NTS detail, and position it wherever it is convenient, right in Paper space. It can cover non critical information, and no VP manipulation or layering is required. We might have 6 of these on each utility sheet leadered in as needed.


Flexibility problem

 The only dilema, and it is a problem each time, is that when we need to shift the VP a bit, any labeling that was directed at a particular item, will globally have to be adjusted and sometimes releadered.  You can't just adjust the VP quickly and move on.  Design labeling in Paperspace will kill that efficiency, as you fight to find other ways around the issue.


Right tool for the right job

There is no right way to do things.  There are standard practices that are adopted, but you can do what ever you like.  Applying ALL labels, borders, and details in Model OR Paper Space is innefficient and will suck the life right out of you.  Find the right mix that works for YOUR company's needs


John Evans

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John Evans
Autodesk Certified Professional

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