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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-29-2012 05:00 AM in reply to: mike.barkasi



I'm sure what your said, within the confines of your statement, is true. I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of which particular company was doing what part in the road design packages at that time. If you say Bentley didn't give the hardware and software. I believe you. But someone did.


Don't take me wrong. It was a brilliant marketing strategy. Like Apple providing low cost or free computers to school systems. But as with most rumors, there will be some grain of truth somewhere.


I don't have any problem with Microstation and the other packages. People are free to use them as they wish. I'm a Civil 3D user and probably will be until I retire.



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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-29-2012 07:00 AM in reply to: n2itive



My facts are always strait. However, when you speak of effeciency maybe you should focus on reading. I didn't post anything about snow plow drivers, model/paper views, etc... you should direct your posts correctly.


For those that gripe about file format changes every few years:

2013 will bring a new file format. I personally believe that its only a matter of time until Civil 3D gets its own file format, maybe .c3d?

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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-29-2012 07:04 AM in reply to: ballen

Sorry Ballen- I shold have addressed my prior response to "Tenative Click"

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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-29-2012 03:26 PM in reply to: bwyarger

Here in Saskatchewan, Canada they use AutoCAD for drafting and CAiCE for designing.  But are moving towards something else for designing.  Probably Civil 3D.

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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-29-2012 03:50 PM in reply to: bwyarger

New Mexico DOT is supposedly trying to switch to Civil 3D exclusively. We have worked with them in recent years where much of the work was done in Autodesk products and delivered (specifically for archiving) in the dgn format. Our company is private and only has 2 seats with Bently and maybe 15+ with Autodesk Civil Suite.  I have no experience in Microstation so I can't really make a valid comparison but I am very impressed with the gains that Civil 3D has given me. I am also impressed with the ties between 3dsMax and Civil 3d since Dynamite VSP became Civil View. 


 In regards to NMDOT switching, I am sorry if this has been mentioned, when the flaming gets thick I tend to skip ahead.


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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-29-2012 05:19 PM in reply to: JOVO85

Aaaahhh New Mexico, No it has not been mentioned because it hasnt happened.

 Funny what a company (Autodesk) tries when noone else opens the door... in football they call it an end run.


But to be short New Mexico has not switched, and from what I understand they will not anytime soon.


Thats great Civil 3D can now "connect" to 3D studio. Maybe they (Autodesk) could simply put the rendering and annimation in the CAD engine like MicroStation does and offer it at NO extra cost.


Concerning saskatchewan, thats great to hear there switching from one Autodesk product to another. You may want to look into some other Canadian Provinces that are moving off Autodesk products.


Best Regards



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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-29-2012 06:55 PM in reply to: bwyarger
Haha you're persistent around here. I'm new to this forum and it makes me laugh to see a bentley employee/fanboy spending so much time in the autodesk message boards.

When I said "trying to switch" I should have said "wanting to switch" as those were just words from people in the department. Who knows though, beside you, of course

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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

03-30-2012 10:16 AM in reply to: JOVO85

A couple of points I thought I’d share:


  1. 195,000 commercial seats of Civil 3D. 252,000 total seats if you add in the educational / student copies
  2. Bentley Systems is one of the largest developers of applications on top of AutoCAD. The road design software from them includes at least the following. I’m sure that if I missed any, my misinformation will be corrected.
    1. MX on AutoCAD
    2. InRoads on AutoCAD
    3. MX on MicroStation
    4. InRoads on MicroStation
    5. GEOPAK
    6. PowerCivil
  3. US DOTs that have purchased or upgraded to Civil 3D or that use Land Desktop
    1. Alaska
    2. California
    3. Florida
    4. Massachusetts
    5. New Mexico
    6. Rhode Island
    7. Wisconsin
  4. We’re very happy to have a team in Huntsville, AL and across the country, of sales and technical people that have joined Autodesk in the last few years to promote Civil 3D in the transportation market. By my last count we have at least 12 people that have made the switch.
  5. While the format of the DGN file hasn't changed and my DGN made with V8i Select Series 2 can be opend with version V8XM, there have been changes made to the design file. A project that is made using Road Way Designer can't be used by someone who doesn't have this newer application. With Civil 3D the design data and the graphic data are both stored with the DWG file so changes made to the design application require changes in the drawing file.



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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

04-16-2012 12:51 PM in reply to: AllenJessup


can I ask that you guys start working VDOT soon. They and some of the rail work we've started getting are the only reason we have the Microstation stuff in our office. Then the only Bentley software we'd have in house is Water GEMS which is a nightmare by itself.

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Re: AutoCAD usage by DOTs

04-16-2012 03:09 PM in reply to: peterfunkautodesk

Oregon Department of Transportation is upgrading to the lastest version of the Bentley Product.....Might be a good time to investigate options / alternatives!  Maybe Autodesk could help....PLEASE.  In Oregon we have ZERO resources locally for Bentley products.  Autodesk has 4 resellers and a local presence (although Mechanical, could grow, maybe?).  Just food for thought!

Sean Hulbert

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