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2011 superelevation problems

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08-20-2010 03:24 AM

Problem 1.

   I copy the data of the SE tabular editor using right click-copy .

   I get ALL the data in the editor .

   All columns visible .

   I paste them to Excel .

   Everything copies OK .

   I save it in CSV format .

   Then i load it in the tabular editor .

   Only the right lane and shoulder are entered OK !?

   I tested with data both manually entered or wizard made of .

   Both cases same results .


Problem 2.

   I enter data manually .

   The superelevation graph shows everything OK .

   When i hover the mouse over the lane lines immediate values are calculated OK .

   But when i hover over the shoulder lines immediate values are calculated wrong although the graph is correct !!!


   The same problem happens when i use the 2011 API to get shoulder superelevations programmatically .

   Using .SuperelevationCriticalStation.Getslope it gives the correct result for each kind of shoulder .

   But when using .GetCrossSlopeAtStation for each shoulder i get the same wrong value when hovering over the graph !?

   Also ShoulderExtendAll Autodesk subassembly gets the same mistaken values so it draws wrong corridors !


   I attached a zip compressed file .

Win7 64bit , C3D2012 , MS Visual Studio 2010 express