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refedit: object reference missing

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11-11-2010 07:47 AM

i've been editing an xref (edit-in-place), and have used teh "add to working set" function. when i go to save the changes, i get the error: "Cannot save back changes because objects in teh working set reference objects outisde of the working set. The Refedit session is still active. Press F2 after dismissing teh dialog to see the listof missing references."

the text window says: "Errors found in references to other objects:
** Object reference missing: AcDbDimAssoc, to AcDbBlockReference."


if i discard the changes, then i lose my work, but i can't copy while in an refedit.

this is beyond annoying because it happens all the time.

any suggestions on how to get around this (other than editing the xref by itself - if they provide a "add to working set" tool it needs to work!)

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Re: refedit: object reference missing

12-08-2010 03:08 PM in reply to: howdylee903

don't know the answer but please let me know if something answers this question. I've encountered the same error a thousand times

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Re: refedit: object reference missing

01-18-2011 01:44 PM in reply to: howdylee903

Has anyone solved this mystery yet?

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Re: refedit: object reference missing

04-23-2011 10:07 AM in reply to: howdylee903

The file is corrupt. Simply open a new template. Copy and paste your dwg/object (not blocked) and make a new block. Go back to your original dwg x-plode the corrupted block and purge so you won't convert to the old block if you name the new block the same.

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Re: refedit: object reference missing

04-25-2011 03:09 PM in reply to: howdylee903

You are refediting something that is still open (somewhere) which was modified and hasn't been saved or closed.

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Re: refedit: object reference missing

04-26-2011 11:33 AM in reply to: howdylee903

I think same way... 

create new sheet, purge all, copy and paste, purge all again...  qsave file and override existing file.

Re-Xref in.  Should work.


(Existing sheet)

Detach all xref...Purge all..........  Re-attached.


Sorry, if it not work, May be i have to sit and play which your files.


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Re: refedit: object reference missing

12-13-2011 03:42 PM in reply to: howdylee903

This is a slightly silly way of doing it... but it avoided me having to re-do anything that I already drew in my refedit... I just too EVERYTHING from the block/xref and took it out of that layer onto the main drawing.

it then saved the reference perfectly fine. after I just re-blocked everything and re-saved the original file.

It's a bit of a round-about way of doing things but at least I didn't lose anywork...

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Re: refedit: object reference missing

11-21-2012 11:10 AM in reply to: howdylee903

One of the reason is the dimmensioning and using leader(with arrow?). Remove any dimmensioning or leader(usally arrow?). It will let you save the file and get out of the xref.

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Re: refedit: object reference missing

06-02-2014 01:29 AM in reply to: robertorrs
i have a UGLY way to solve it. basically i'm stuck with a refedit open, i cannot save the dwg, i cannot save the xref and i cannot copy since i'm in refedit. the only way i found to get out of this without losing the modification, is remove from working set the item i was workin on it (easyer if you just leave one layer on), and then save the refedit. it works, but of course it take out of the xref all the selected items.

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