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plotting in layer color

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12-02-2011 04:31 PM

I'm an Inventor 2010 user suffering through plot settings in AutoCAD 2010.  Here's the basic question: What would cause a layer's color to determine the color of printed details?


I've tried changing the plot style and the plot style table, even to the default monochrome table. But geometry drawn in a layer with a green color prints green (for example). The same thing happens with my other layers and layer colors. The only tried and true way to get black print appears to be to change all layer colors to white/black.


I'm working with a STB plot style if that makes a difference. Any help? Thanks a million!

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Re: plotting in layer color

12-03-2011 02:20 AM in reply to: jaeckerb



If you want to have objects plotted as displayed you should either remove the "plot-styles" from layer-definition and from entities (if they are not "byLayer".

Next be carefull that in the viewports you plot are no overrides (enter a viewport by double-clicking into it and start the layer-dialog ==> you have additional columns for override-properties color/lineweight/linetype/plotstyle)

Last but not least you can deactivate the check in the plot-dialog for "plot with plotstyles" ... should also work


If there is something not as I described ... than sorry, I don't work with STB.


- alfred -

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Re: plotting in layer color

12-05-2011 03:20 AM in reply to: jaeckerb

The first thing we need to know here is:


are you using named plot styles (stb) or colour dependent plot styles (ctb) to manage the pen settings here.


and the second:


In the plot dialog bix (assuming you have expanded the details where you select the plot styles table) is the box "Plot with Plot Styles" selected.

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Re: plotting in layer color

12-05-2011 05:21 AM in reply to: jaeckerb

Is the 'green' color in question actually color 3, green, or is it a TrueColor green?  If the latter, change the layer color to an ACI green,

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Re: plotting in layer color

12-05-2011 05:46 AM in reply to: jaeckerb

We use ctb here.  The only way I know for all objects to plot in their own colour is to set the ctb to "None".  I wonder if the same effect would be expirienced if there is no ctb assigned.  Can you check the ctb drop-down in the plot dialogue box, does it say, eg 'Monochrome (missing)' ?  If all your ctbs are missing you probably need to find out where to point the file path in your OPTIONS box.

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Re: plotting in layer color

12-05-2011 09:18 AM in reply to: jaeckerb

Thanks everyone for the replies. I'm attaching a screen shot which will probably help clarify.


I am using a .stb plot style.

I do not have any viewport overrides set.

I have been printing with the "print w/ plot styles" check box checked (unchecking allows everything to print in color)

I am using ACI index colors only.


It's probably valuable to know that the "green" layers that I'm trying to print black are using a plot style set to color: black (instead of "use object color").


I tried unselecting the "plot with plot styles" checkbox but that actually removes all the plot style-based color overrides I'm trying to make. My overall desire is to see objects (layers) in different colors for visual clarity on the screen but print in all black. I appreciate the ability to set the line widths via the plot styles, also to help with clarity in the printed document.


Thanks for all the help. I'm anxious to get to the bottom of this!

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Re: plotting in layer color

12-05-2011 12:16 PM in reply to: jaeckerb

My first guess was correct but then I took it off,  notice in the properties box the plot style says Normal, that will plot the color used in an STB.  The objects have their plot style set byobject rather than bylayer.


Unless the objects are set to a plotstyle of normal or some color style I am not sure.  You are plotting to a PDF so go into the PDF file .pc3 settings, customize, advanced, and set it to plot to monochrome.  Many of the PDF drivers have that option, not sure if yours does.


Are the drawings done in Architectural or in Vanilla AutoCAD?

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Re: plotting in layer color

12-06-2011 08:58 AM in reply to: GrantsPirate

COJonez- Are you refering to the the first plot style "normal" in the table editor when you mention the properites box? My understanding is that layers assigned to "normal" will print as shown on the screen (?). I also thought that by changing the color field to anything other than "use object color" it would override the layer color. Feel like I'm missing something here!


In the meantime, going the custom settings options on the printer and printing monochrome looks like a decent option. *sigh*


And to answer your last question, I'm using Vanilla AutoCAD. I'm usually doing mechanical design, but a floorplan creeps in here and there!

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Re: plotting in layer color

12-06-2011 01:20 PM in reply to: jaeckerb

I'm not sure if this helps...

But when choosing a color for a layer, if you choose a "True color" it will plot that color regardless of your stb or ctb file.

This may come in handy if you have a logo that you want to print in color and keep everything else as bleck & white...

So check to see if the color for that layer is a true color or not.


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Re: plotting in layer color

12-06-2011 05:32 PM in reply to: jaeckerb

No, I saw the properties and thought you had selected one of the lines but now I see that nothing was selected.


It is possible that the plotstyle was over ridden in the viewport, so go into the viewport and open layers and see if that is the issue.

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