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Cannot select specific printer for plotting

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11-28-2011 12:52 PM

I have an office with 3 network printers and 18 computers with Windows XP and AutoCAD + Revit 2010 installed. I never had issues related to printers I couldn't solve myself, but this time one of the machines decided not to allow me to use a specific printer (HP Designjet 70). When I select it, it quickly change the selected printer to "None". Its the only computer in the office with the issue, and I can't find out why. I already reinstalled the printer in many ways, even using other sharing paths, its helpless. I imported AutoCAD settings from other machines, no use. Cleaned print spooler folder, reseted many settings to default, set it to off-line then on-line again, deleted useless PC3 files and everything that occurred to me, but still nothing changed it. The AutoCAD doesnt emmit errors, nothing, just refuse to accept the printer. I need some suggestions, I don't want to have to format the computer just because of that.

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Re: Cannot select specific printer for plotting

11-28-2011 12:55 PM in reply to: Havenard

Are you selecting the WIndows System driver in AutoCAD, or a created PC3 file?

If a PC3 file, why not try the system driver instead and report the results.


Can you print to the system driver from another application? Can you perform a Windows test to the system driver?

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Re: Cannot select specific printer for plotting

11-28-2011 12:57 PM in reply to: pendean

Its a Windows printer, yes I can print with it with any application except AutoCAD.


Also, if I try to relate this printer to a PC3, the AutoCAD crashes.

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Re: Cannot select specific printer for plotting

11-28-2011 05:19 PM in reply to: Havenard

Try making sure all your computers are turned on and try again.


Also, do a ping on the station using CMD to the printer and see if you can connect to the priner's IP. If not, then you'll probably need to manually input the IP into that station.

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Re: Cannot select specific printer for plotting

12-14-2011 11:26 AM in reply to: grimline

I have network working, I have Internet working, I have network shares working, and I even have network printers working including this printer, it works too, all I don't have is the printer working on AutoDesk products and AutoDesk products only.


I already reinstalled it, I already changed its driver and already reinstalled it with a new name, and I can print on it using Windows print test and I can also print using any product but Autodesk's.


I tried with AutoDesk AutoCAD versions 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2011 all did the same problem. The printer is perfect, everybody in the office can print on it, including those products, but this one computer can't despite the printer works for it too using any other program like Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Office.


I already tried deleting the %APPDATA%\Autodesk folder too, but it also didn't solve the problem.

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Re: Cannot select specific printer for plotting

01-17-2013 06:57 AM in reply to: Havenard



Did you ever solve the issue with not being able to select a printer in AutoCAD? I was curious if it was across the board on all DWGs you opened or just some. We're experiencing the same problem, on one machine only. I was able to open the drawing and print just fine, but our administrator can't. However, she can print any other drawings, it was just one particular drawing she was having the issue with. No matter what I tried to clean up the file, purge, recover, audit, etc. nothing resolved it for her machine. She typically prints to Adobe PDF, so I was wondering if that had something to do with it. I do not have Adobe on my machine. Still, it was only one drawing causing the issue for her, today at least.


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Re: Cannot select specific printer for plotting

01-23-2013 06:34 PM in reply to: dshelley

Nope. Eventually we decided to upgrade to Windows 7 and, as expected, the system reinstallation washed the problem away.

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