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Re: Autosave, AGAIN!

12-28-2010 01:46 PM in reply to: TrevN

And this has been a problem for how many YEARS?


I have been on plain vanilla Autocad since R14 and when this first started in I think 2004, that was everyones answer, "use a work-around". 


How about fixing the bug instead of piling more "features" of dubious value on top of iffy code? 


I would rather have stable code that I can trust to work every day rather than whiz bang, golly gee whiz toys that force you to buy a new system every other year just to keep running the same software.


I keep hoping someone at Autodesk will start fixing this mess, but the code is probably so large and patched together from so many versions one being stacked on top of the previous, it will never get fixed.


Sorry for the rant, but I just lost 30 minutes of work due to a crash, and my Auto-save was off, after having set it just last week.


If I could convice my boss to use some other software, I would, but he is following the rest of the sheep bleeting "But everyone else is using it." 


Just because you have been doing something for years doesn't mean it is being done RIGHT.


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Re: Autosave, AGAIN!

12-28-2010 02:06 PM in reply to: jmthomas1987

First, no one should be relying on autosave to do their job for them, you need to develope the habit of saving when you feel it's appropriate.  Every time you perform a major operation, get up from your desk or anytime you don't want to repeat what you just did.


I personally have only used an autosave to recover lost data once since '83 and maybe a couple more times for others.


IMO anyone that goes for more than 10-15 minutes without saving their work is wasting their companies time and money, in more ways than one.........


That being said, I find it odd that an issue like this hasn't been addressed by Autodesk.

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Re: Autosave, AGAIN!

12-28-2010 02:16 PM in reply to: dbirchfield

Sometimes when you are wearing three hats, (IT support, detailer, and parts chaser), you sometimes forget to do the little things.

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Re: Autosave, AGAIN!

12-28-2010 06:31 PM in reply to: jmthomas1987

Everyone makes a mistake: taking ownership of it and not blaming a software package is the most difficult part of wearing more than one hat in an office (as most of us do, nothing unique to your multi-function situation).


QSave more often: alternate-location-save routnes are also popular too for those of us that are 'extra paranoid' about spending company time redrafting twice or more.

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Re: Autosave, AGAIN!

12-28-2010 08:14 PM in reply to: TrevN

Forget autosave - turn it off.  It is your job to save.


thats like saying forget the brakes, its your job to stop the car.


things should work period, especially when you pay money for it.

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Re: Autosave, AGAIN!

12-29-2010 03:34 AM in reply to: BernardMadoff

BernardMadoff wrote:


thats like saying forget the brakes.....

How so?  I don't get it.  You stop the car by applying the brakes.  User action.  So far, cars don't automatically stop themselves.  (And I haven't seen an emergency brake that is of much use other than holding in place.  Even the emergency (parking) brake is user applied.)  Take control of your machine - take control of your life.)

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Re: Autosave, AGAIN!

12-29-2010 05:43 AM in reply to: BernardMadoff

YOU the user applies the brakes on the car. Would you trust an automatic-braking system on your car to stop the vehicle? Yeah, I thought as much.


Stop the big-talk, we ALL have been there and we ALL learned at one stage or another (20-years or just today) to manually qsave is the most prudent solution. Time you picked up that lesson.

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Re: Autosave, AGAIN!

12-29-2010 05:59 AM in reply to: pendean

OK, the car brake analogy wasn't the best. But here is one that (I think) is more apt:


Imagine that you buy a new car. That car has electric windshield wipers. Normal. Expected.


Now, imagine it starts raining while you're driving. You turn on your wipers and... nothing. It doesn't work like it is supposed to. You call the dealer. He tells you that there is a hand crank on the dashboard to make the wipers work manually.


Ok, yes... if I want to see, I have to use the manual crank. Simple. BUT IT SHOULDN'T BE LIKE THIS.


And you guys talking down to somebody who complains about this kind of problem is just ridiculous.


I think it is funny how many people on here make a large effort to help people (which is appreciated), but then seem to get offended and start speaking condescendingly to people who don't take what they have to say as gospel.




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Re: Autosave, AGAIN!

01-03-2011 02:38 PM in reply to: jmthomas1987

You know I hear several of y'all bagging on him for relying on the autosave as though this is an actual means of saving your work when most people use this "Command" as a fall back for when your drawing crashes on you.  Yet none of you actually give any good advice other than "Save your work".  I currently use C3D 2011 and have been using Autocad since version 9 and have never once expected the autosave to just be my save, but I know of several times where it saved me.  Seems to me like if you are using a simple command like move and it crashes then you are bashed for not saving do you all "SAVE" before each and every command you run?  Or do you just go like 15 miutes and then save?  Please tell us your actual mode of operations so we can cad like y'all.  Also if you know of the fix then by all means let us know what it is.  We need this problem fixed.  It occurs in C3D also and is very annoying.  No it is not my basic means of saving, but it is a life saver.  Esp. when you do 15-20 minutes of work and are in the middle of a command and then it decides to crash.  If the fix is to save every time you run a command then please say that.  After all that is where your implications lead to....

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Re: Autosave, AGAIN!

01-03-2011 03:04 PM in reply to: JBozz300

I agree. There's a lot of useless babble and analogies that do not really address the problem. I frequently save, yet am glad that Autosave is there in case I crash. A lot of work can be done in 5 - 10 minutes.

Anyway, here is the lisp code I've been using and it works well. I regret I cannot give proper credit to the original author... I forget where I got it from.  Again, I load this up using my Enterprise cuix, but it can be added to the startup suite too.

I removed the code that required a RETURN when the autosave was reset. It still alerts you though.



(defun C:ALERTME ()
  (setq VTFRXN (vlr-editor-reactor nil '((:VLR-sysVarChanged . VTF))))
(defun VTF (CALL CALLBACK / vtf:nst)
  (if (and (= (strcase (car CALLBACK)) (setq str "SAVETIME"))
    (eq (getvar str) 0)
 (strcat "\nWarning: The "
  (getvar "CMDNAMES")
  " command has changed your Autosave settings to 0. Resetting to 10."
 (progn (setvar "SAVETIME" 10) (setq vtf:st 10))
  (setq vtf:st (getvar "SAVETIME"))
(if (= (getvar "SAVETIME") 0)
  (setvar "SAVETIME" 10)   ;;; LKH code to remove need to press Enter at warning.
  (setq vtf:st (getvar "SAVETIME"))

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