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Dave Drennan
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Re: 3DSout - 3DSin replacement

01-12-2007 11:41 AM in reply to: jeffnet

I am still looking for a way to take the 2007 materials and lights etc into a 3ds format so a non 3ds program can use the work that i have put into the models can be transferable. So to answer your point 1 materials1/2 camera and 3 lights. i hope that this wiull be brought back in for the non 3ds but autocad users have a industry standard solution.
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Re: 3DSout - 3DSin replacement

02-05-2007 07:54 PM in reply to: jeffnet
I would just like to say, that in a world where AutoCAD is quickly losing seats to CATIA and SolidWorks, removing functionality that keeps people using your program is a very BAD idea. AutoCAD has all but lost it's CAD market, it only has majority of seats left due to it being the old standard, and it is being overtaken quickly. Even high schools have started teaching other programs, and I know of no good industrial universities teaching it at all. 3D Studio Max interoperability is the only reason I continue to open the program up.
In conclusion I would suggest that AutoCAD designers start thinking a little more of the 3D animators that tend to like the ease of the program, because if the ease between AutoCAD and 3D graphics programs is going out the window, I might as start using SolidWorks again.
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Re: 3DSout - 3DSin replacement

02-23-2007 10:56 AM in reply to: jeffnet
Hello guys,

Instead of using 3dsout it is enough to create the model 3D in AutoCad then you save it as DWG with good result.

In my case, I had to transform a drawing of CorelDRAW for AutoCAD and then to 3DSMax.
When I arrived to ACAD my curves were now SPLINES, I transformed them in POLYLINES with the command FLATTEN of Express Tools, used Extrude to create the 3D and I saved it in DWG format reaching my goal. So that is it. Bye.
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Re: 3DSout - 3DSin replacement

02-28-2007 12:10 PM in reply to: jeffnet
I need to use 3dsout for other programs to import models made by Autodesk programs. Don't need the lights or camera's just the .3ds format model. The only reason I can se for it to be taken out is because Autodesk doesn't want you to use another program not made by them.
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Re: 3DSout - 3DSin replacement

03-02-2007 06:20 AM in reply to: jeffnet
I'm working on a project in which another large firm (whose software integrates with AutoCAD) is requiring all of my models to be composed of 3dfaces, they are currently regions. Fortunately the other large firm has a "proprietary" software which will convert my models from regions to 3dfaces, for a fee of course... 3dsout would have saved my company a couple of thousand dollars, which would have justified the subscription fees, I'm glad we didn't renew it.
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Re: 3DSout - 3DSin replacement

03-12-2007 10:20 AM in reply to: jeffnet
Hey Doug,
Any progress with this sad omission?
We design BIG rock shows & outdoor events - We do the Stones, U2 & Robbie Williams, we did the opening & closing ceremonies for the Turin winter olympics - so we ain't ignorant newbes at this.
We've been using ACAD since the days when the pen plotter plotted as you typed the numbers in, and we spent quite some time evaluating before choosing our visualization software.
Like many people we use ACAD for 3D drawing & producing tecky output for engineers, but a non-autodesk placation (in our case LW) for making damnation & still output because it most easily gives us the kind of output we need - (very atmospheric lighting with sometimes hundreds of light sources based on real luminairs.
We desperately need to be able to get 3D models (polygons only please, preferably with some indication as to what layer they were on or what colour it was set at - to enable surfacing in a proper app. without having to deconstruct the model poly by poly (DXF style)) out of ACAD & into other formats. DFX does not hack it - loads of missing faces, lines & circles everywhere, bits & pieces all over the place - & files so big you wouldn't believe.
We've got ACAD2007 sitting waiting to put on the server. I can't put it on 'cause we can't export from it.
Please post a progress report.
3DS will do, or any other translatable format. MAX is useless to anyone who's not an Autodesk groupie - the ONLY format where all the conversion software has to say ' you need MAX installed to be able to translate this file.
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Re: 3DSout - 3DSin replacement

04-17-2007 03:33 PM in reply to: jeffnet
Ok, i think Autodesk is listen to us :smileyhappy:.
Here you can find the 3DSOUT command for AutoCAD 2007 and 2008
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Re: 3DSout - 3DSin replacement

11-15-2007 08:46 PM in reply to: jeffnet
Yes they did! I didn't know the command wasn't there anymore. I am using Ecotect to do shadow analysis and they want the 3dsout. I'm trying it as of right now.
Thanks for the link and thank you AutoDesk for the command!

Note: I thought Autodesk wasn't going to get rid of commands "NEVER AGAIN" after the failure of Autocad 13 (Iconized) program.
Autodesk has really been the best in software upgrades. Microsoft should learn from Autodek. Vista has been iconized just like Acad13 and as forright now I am not chaning to Vista.
thank you!

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