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When zooming in using Ctrl + Alt + mouse movement, in 3ds Max 2017, a green ball appears on the screen:


That green ball shouldn't be there if you turn off "Zoom About Mouse Point" (for both perspective and orthographic views, from "Customize - Customize User Interface - Mouse"). It's distracting. And why green? It's garish and ugly. Doesn't even fit with the new turquoise "look".

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Viewport 60 fps limit

Status: Gathering Support
by Community Visitor redipsd on ‎01-20-2017 11:21 AM



I received a suggestion to post a feature request here, so here it is... It would be nice if there was a way to limit the framerate of the viewport to 60 fps (since I have a 60 Hz monitor). Right now, if you have a decent graphics card and start out with simple geometry, it's being rendered at 800+ fps. That results in a lot of unnecessarily rendered frames, making the card work overtime, producing more heat, drawing more power, etc.

Improvements to the Asset Tracker

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor pokoy on ‎01-20-2017 07:30 AM

The Asset Tracker is our only place to manage assets. Currently, it lacks a number of features to make managing assets easier and more convenient for users.

Some obvious shortcomings are (I've never used Vault so sorry if I miss something here):

- Asset status currently knows these states only:  'OK', 'Found','File Missing' for local paths, and 'Network Path' for assets located on network paths. While the information for local paths is good enough, there's no state for a missing asset on a network path. Whether or not an asset on the network is missing, the status will always be 'Network Path'. This needs to be improved, a 'Network Path - File Missing' status needs to be introduced.
- Sorting is currently only possible for assets names, there's no way currently to sort by asset paths. This makes redirecting paths very cumbersome for huge scenes. Please let us sort by paths and status, too.
- asset icons are greyed out for missing assets. In some cases, the difference between a normal 'healthy' icon state and the greyed out state is very difficult to see. Please introduce a new icon for missing assets, preferably the original icon with a red cross or anything else that is well visible for the user.

Additional feature requests:

- Please let us display assets for selected objects only. Currently we have no way to quickly display assets used on selected objects only.
- Please add a 'Search and Replace' feature for paths. This would make it easy to quickly redirect whole scenes without having to manually change each and every unique asset path in the scene.
- Please introduce a 'file type' column to the list. Sometimes, scenes need to be made production ready by making sure certain file types (such as Jpegs) aren't used because of quality issues. Sorting by file type would help us managing scenes in such a case.
- Please add a 'Collect' feature to quickly collect all scene assets in one place. I know that we have a 'Resource Collector' utility but it needs to be moved to the Asset Tracker IMO as it's the main place managing assets. This would also help to clean the UI and make it more accessible to new users.

Timeline improvements

Status: Gathering Support
by Community Visitor tsyba on ‎01-20-2017 03:01 AM

- Ability to display position, rotation and scale keys on three different timelines

- Ability to set a segment on the timeline, which will be played in a loop

- Ability to move on a timeline with the specified interval of the frames

- Scaling of the timeline like in Adobe After Effects ( a separate slider )

- Ability to put marks on frames. ( Often during the animation you want to have keys for different objects in the same frames. Such marks will help not to forget where you want to put the keys. )

- When scaling and moving the Selection Range shall be provided the opportunity to enable automatic displacement of the neighboring keys

Live Collision Detection in 3ds Max

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast davision on ‎01-19-2017 06:35 PM

So this is sort of the holy grail for 3d animation as far as I'm concerned.  At it's most complex I'm sure it would be extremely hard to implement and grind workstations to a halt.  However a simpler incarnation seems practical given today's hardware.


The idea is this: right now when we work in the viewports, we are basically manipulating a bunch of objects that have no mass or physical structure.  It's like pushing air around.  Any one object can intersect any other object freely.  Sometimes that's good.  But often it's not.


I'd like to see some live collision detection (as a toggle) where an object will no longer be able to pass through every other object.  I realize this would be extremely taxing if there was loads of complex geometry in the scene. But what if you could just select a few "live" objects?  One might be a point helper and the other a ground plane.  The live collision toggle would make it impossible to push the point helper (pivot) "through" the ground plane.  If you made a sphere or box primitive live along with the ground, then their mesh vertices would not be able to push past the ground layer.  If the meshes were very detailed then max could make simpler proxy objects on the fly (similar to massfx).  


Instead of making objects live piece by piece -- you could instead implement a "Limit box" (like the point cloud) or a "sphere of influence" that allows users to adjust the area where collision detection is active.  Object properties could be set to keep some objects always excluded from collision calculations.


So at its most basic, this form of collision detection is the ability to make a few objects "active" or "live" and have Max prevent intersections actively.  If not prevent them, then at least Max could detect intersections -- a red glow (or colored vertices) would appear near the intersection or whatever. 



A step up in complexity would look at interconnectivity between objects (as in hierarchies or rigged systems) and take that into account.... such as when rotating a shoulder bone and the hand bones strike a wall.  


The ultimate step up would detect skinned mesh collisions.  Think about animating a character's fingers wrapping around a railing.  Right now that takes a lot of careful adjustments and examining the hand from all angles.  BUT if the skinned mesh's intersection with handrail could be detected/prevented when adjusting finger bones, that would be incredible (but I imagine it would still be slow).  Then add adjustable deformation (based on a softness parameter) as the fingers squash against the solid surface.... but baby steps...


Initially if just basic objects could be used, including bones of a skinned mesh, it would mean real progress and we'll start to have some solidity in the viewports. No more pushing air.



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Whenever I have to choose a Node in a script or expression I cringe as I dig through the massive number of objects that appear and delve deep into hierarchies.


There should be a way to filter out non-geometry (to isolate rigs) and even more importantly give us SEARCH functionality so we can just jump to the object we want by name.


The Wiring interface is also very antiquated and could use similar updated functionality.



CAT Enhancements

Status: Gathering Support
by Community Visitor tsyba on ‎01-19-2017 02:06 AM

- Ability to select and move animation keys on multiple layers at ones
- Ability to assign the same controllers for multiple selected bones
- Visual feedback for the saved poses and clips

Move pivot point

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer redheadx on ‎01-18-2017 02:47 PM

 I would love a setting that will move the pivot point to a specific point. Such as move pivot to base, Move pivot to top, Move pivot to left edge etc...


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Enable a render to continue if/when a single DBR slave crashes or dies. The host should be able to 'kick' the slave off after an error is reported.


Currently the render Message display reports when a slave goes down or dies and then the host render machine crashes completely usually requiring a hardware reset to recover which can lead to loss of data/work.


Small studios, home based and freelancers rely heavily on Mental Ray and DBR as they cannot afford the luxury of expensive alternatives.


This is part of the 3DS MAX package and as such AD should be coding the integration/operation so that it works as reasonably and reliably as expected.


This is  also considered a bug that has been around since DBR was introduced, reported many times but still not fixed. See this thread


PLEASE please FIX!


In addition, idea:


Create a DBR management app to add/remove slaves automatically/manually. Users often have dual usage slave workstations that only become available when other users are are finished using them. This would require extending the currently embedded DBR window 'management' into a floating applet type interface (like the render manager app) for managing DBR.


this is such a  basic stuff it should be always  at hand and esy to setup . Maya  does it  directly from the  viewport menu: View>Image Plane>Import



Lock viewport on moving object toggle

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast davision on ‎01-18-2017 11:47 AM

When working on an animated object that is moving quickly, it is very frustrating to have to keep updating the viewport position to track the object.


I end up having to create cameras linked to the object so that I can monitor what is happening to it.  For instance imagine a character rig in a car... and i need to animate the fingers...


I have to create a camera and link it to the car and always use that camera to adjust it.


It's not that difficult -- but it would be much easier if the viewport could lock onto the object.  Whether it be perspective view or top view, the viewport could have a toggle where it keeps the object in the same relative position within the frame.


Would be very useful.





Object Properties should not be modal,

it should coexists while we are editing the scene,

having to open/close Object Properties is slowing down the workflow in Max.


This new Object Properties should be redesigned as a dockable/tab panel,

adding bone properties and hierarchy/IK properties too.


Having the ability to see modify panel at the same time as motion or hierarchy is a must now in 3ds Max.

Command Panel should be splitted into individual panels,

we should be able to dock, tab, float and duplicate those panels.


Now that Apple has discontinued QuickTime for PC, Max needs a new codec to output movie files, particularly when producing a viewport animation preview (shift-V). Any new codec would ideally need to be royalty-free, support 4k resolutions and up, and support modern HDR colour spaces. That narrows the field down to pretty much Google's VP9, read more here:

H.265 would be an alternative, but as it's proprietary, there would likely be licensing issues.

Modo Meshfusion can create topology based chamfers between boolean polygonal meshes. The current boolean implementations in 3ds Max are only useful as either a starting point for modeling in combination with Quadify or Quad Chamfer To simulate rounding. However these last options only work on quite simple and mostly flat meshes.


The main code of an Autodesk alternative to Modo's MeshFusion could also re-used in for example Maya. This is the main advantage of Modo over 3dsmax and Maya at the moment (for me).

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Blueprint Setup Utility

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator on ‎01-17-2017 02:57 PM

I know it's a few lines of script, but for the new users i'd suggest a Blueprint Setup Utility which gives users the ability to setup blueprint images on default planes with a few clicks.

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Status: Gathering Support
by New Member damiano.decataldo on ‎01-17-2017 03:19 AM - last edited on ‎01-17-2017 03:28 AM |
1 - while deselecting in unwrap view 1 element, it deselects all objects. If i select some faces overlapped and later be able to deselect one of the 2 shells completely i use the element mode, but now is delselecting everything.
2 - if move mode is not selected, i can't move using numeric control. I should be able to move it also in tweak mode to avoid switching back and forth.
3 - add a proper skew tool different from the free tweak one.
4 - pivot should not be an issue in the UV viewport: while in free tweak mode i should be able to move the UV not only if i click on the modifier. And the modifier pivot IMHO should not be moved
5 - add while stitching the option to keep the ratio of the shell i want to stitch so it moves all togheter (Maya like) and not only an edge. This can be toggle.
6 - absolute mode need to work as before. Now works more or less like the offset mode. If i want to collapse UVs now i need to scale them and move to 1,1. 

the Ribbon, Slate  material editor, schematic view, the  title and the menu bar etc still remained unchanged and inconsistent  with the rest of the UI design and icons with the new  2017 release.


 Are you still working/continuing with this UI visual revamp started but not finished last year? 

3ds Max needs a decent Hair and Fur like Xgen in Maya.


Status: Gathering Support
by Participant Xerges on ‎01-16-2017 08:38 AM

Max needs a robust set of sculpting tools, actual sculpting tools are not enough,

especially now that Mudbox is discontinued,

all the tools and functionality should be added to Max,

including the automatic retopo and some sort of Dynamesh.


this is also a good tool to add deformation refinement for skin and morph...


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