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Re: periodic crash using middle scroll wheel

04-13-2008 10:01 PM in reply to: berthunt
Strange... very strange

I have a dual core opteron 280 (italy) system with 4 gigs of Ram and a quite old ATI Fire GL 5100 card and had never, ever a navigation
related crash.... always stable with open GL and Direct X. (Windows XP 64)

Astonishing was , that i had almost 10 times higher frame rates with openGL when handling high amounts of particles, but 8 times
higher framerates with Direct X when handling polygons.

Regarding your mouse problem, .... Bobo stated in a certain thread on cgtalk that there are issues with mice, that have a left and right tilt option with the middle mouse button/wheel.... but can't remember what was the solution. I think he changed to another mouse.
I bet it is not enough just to change the mouse, because usually you don't change the mouse driver.

When i change the USB mouse on my systems, i don't have to install any new software... the driver still remains the same.
Perhaps you should dig here and change to a logitech or a microsoft driver which are bundled with a new mouse and go away from the
standard windows drivers..... just an idea! ....Another idea is, try to remove one of your RAM modules. I had trouble on my vista system (AMD Athlon64 FX ) with 4 Gig RAM, but the system runs hyper stable when using only 2 gigs.... perhaps there are some drivers pushing their data in the same adress areas. If you are dealing with high end computer systems you start to realize that "sh.. really happens" ! :&#41:smileywink:

Just my thoughts about your probs!
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Re: periodic crash using middle scroll wheel

04-29-2008 01:54 PM in reply to: berthunt
This might be slightly off topic, but has anyone one had an issue when right clicking? If I right click I get a ton of MaxScript errors? I can click them all off and still apply the commands, but it's quite annoying.
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Re: periodic crash using middle scroll wheel

01-30-2009 09:23 PM in reply to: berthunt
I also crash when panning with the middle mouse button- it happens with one file all the time. Switching to open GL helped some- but now the scene just crashes with no warnings or asking me if I want to try and save. The scene has over 3 million polys and is over 124mb, but still with the set-up I have it's very frustrating to be having these problems. If it's an NVIDIA problem it needs to be fixed!

I have the latest
nvidia with 16gb RAM,
running 64bit max on
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Re: periodic crash using middle scroll wheel

07-31-2009 11:16 AM in reply to: berthunt
I have the same problem with my middle button causing crashes. I am using Windows XP64. I don't think its a Nvidia problem because I have tried both ATI and Nvidia graphics cards. I have had the problem on max 9 and 2009, both using Vray (I wonder if Vray is the problem?). The scene size seems to make no difference in regards to crashing, it seems to happen more often on scenes with lots of complex materials. I never would have thought it could be the mouse, guess I'll have to try another...
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Re: periodic crash using middle scroll wheel

11-30-2009 05:19 AM in reply to: berthunt
I too have the same problem again and again, my autobak folder is full with _recover_recover_recover files :(. I use 3ds max 2009 and windows xp x64. How do I solve it? Does it happen in 3ds max 2010?
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georges de valera
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Re: periodic crash using middle scroll wheel

12-09-2009 10:32 AM in reply to: berthunt
hey guys,

here in the office i had this issue on a machine today,
now i share the experiences, to narrow down the possibe error reasons:

i have been modelling a low poly object with a plane in the background having a sketch texture mapped on. I was modelling for hours in object isolate mode, and than a crash happened while having tried to drag the viewport with mouse wheel (=middle button.)
Now comes the fun part:

I couldnt reopen the file having Application error or crash, so i tried to adjust some things in the prefrences panel, and viewport configuration.
Then i restarted max,
and since then
It crashes at all kind of viewport action like drag, rotate, etc. with mouse buttons, wheels, or without (icon).

I open max (max2009 x64), reset, than i create a box, then i try to drag viewport, and CRASH.
Every time.
Note that the same files have no prblems on other machines. so its not a file or polygon prblem.

Even on the same machine with other versions of 3dsMax i can drag rotate viewport without any problem, seems like as if only this version that i was using got ruined.

i reinstalled max (!), reinstalled directx (!), reinstalled nvidia driver (!), but the same problems, crash on an empty max scene for the first viewport action.-....

its really time to become a question mark from now on, after 6 hours of futile tries....
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Oers Sardi
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Re: periodic crash using middle scroll wheel

06-08-2010 12:58 PM in reply to: berthunt
guys, the max crash while zoom/pan viewport caused by viewcube. you need to either delete it or rename both name and extension as well so there's no chance for max to load it on startup. disabale it wont prevent the issue.

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