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How to create a Ship Wake?

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10-17-2007 08:02 PM

I am requesting some help on how create a ship's wake.
I have searched the web looking for how; but the wakes are just coming out right.

I have created a good Ocean using tutorial found on the web and have adjusted it.
Problem is that the ship looks not moving without the wake.

I wish some help to create a cutting wake starting from the Bow and pushing a long the side and then breaking away from the ship about quarter way down the Hull. Also to create white tip area's on the top of this wake where water is cresting and falling back to the untouched Ocean.

Then I would like to create another wake in the Aft of the ship for the second wake. Where water is turning up and creating White Area due to screws from the ship.

Thank you.
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Re: How to create a Ship Wake?

10-18-2007 11:59 AM in reply to: BAKMS_1
It's not easy to make it look realisic, Pflow can make splashes from the bows by putting particles on the hull and making tha sea a collision spawn defletor the spawns bounce off and fall with gravity force, when they collide with the water again they can leave a shape mark on the sea surface like foamy water.
The more particles you use the better the effect but it gets very slow.
For the waves the is a Wake plugin from Blur, find it here:-
If you've got money to spend there are commercial plugins for sea water the claim to make ship wakes, search the net.
The attachment is one of many experiments I've tried for this kind of thing, maybe not the best but easy to find not too big a file.
I think one of the Pflow tutorials from an earlyer version of Max did something similar.