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Load clip with MaxScript

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03-06-2012 08:18 AM
I'm trying to simply load a clip onto a CAT rig with maxscript, and I don't know if it's broken in 2012x64 or if I'm missing something silly.
Here is my example script:

cat_file = "C:\Some_Test.clp"
cat_node = $Some_Cat_Parent
cat_root = cat_node.controller
anim_range = animationrange

if (cat_root != undefined) do
format "Removing % Existing Layers.\n" cat_root.NumLayers
for i = cat_root.NumLayers to 1 by -1 do ( -- in reverse order
cat_root.RemoveLayer i

format "Loading CAT clip: %\n" cat_file
cat_root.LoadClip cat_file anim_range.start
cat_root.CATMode = 1

I receive no errors, but when the script is complete my CAT rig is in a bizzare/broken pose.

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