TI-MEP_CSQ_Rev1_20120725 Error Report (8/30/2012 10:00:56 AM)

Error message
Create database failed. CREATE TABLE MechanicalEquipment ([Id] int,[TypeId] int,[PhaseCreated] int,[PhaseDemolished] int,[DesignOption] int,[SystemClassification] varchar,[SystemName] varchar,[Comments] varchar,[HostId] int,[Level] int,[Mark] varchar,[CircuitNumber] varchar,[Panel] varchar,[EQUIPMENT_TYPE] varchar,[K-FACTOR (BTU-INCH/DEG F-HR-SF) AT AVE TEMP (DEG F)] varchar,[PRESSURE CLASS] varchar,[STATIC PRESSURE CLASS] varchar,[SMACNA SEAL CLASS] varchar,[SMACNA LEAKAGE CLASS] varchar,[VELOCITY LIMITS] varchar,[DUCTWORK TYPE] varchar,[LOCATION] varchar,[SUPPLY] varchar,[RETURN] varchar,[RAW OUTDOOR AIR] varchar,[WITH ENERGY RECOVERY] varchar,[WITHOUT ENERGY RECOVERY] varchar,[PIPING SYSTEM TYPES] varchar,[FLUID TEMP RANGE (DEG F)] varchar,[RUN OUTS TO 1"] varchar,[LESS THAN 1"] varchar,[1" TO 1 1/4"] varchar,[1 1/2"] varchar,[2" TO 3"] varchar,[4" TO 6"] varchar,[8" AND UP] varchar,[FAN_QTY] int,[Curcuit Number] varchar,[Total Length (ft)] varchar,[Flow Rate (GPM)] varchar,[Pipe Size (in)] varchar,[Pipe...